Sunday, July 11, 2010

A little bit of updates!

Well, it's been a while, I know. But the summer is like that around here. But my folks have been here while Sam is away in Guatemala and let me tell you, they are some serious inspiration for getting projects done! I can in no way even pretend to compete with Amy and her deployment projects!!! By the way, if you have a little bit of time, (more than you think) you'll want to check out Amy's blog!!! She's absolutely amazing. Her husband is deployed, she's a homeschool mom and just take a look at her amazing work!!!! Anyway, she's been counting her deployment projects and she's over 100+ projects!!! Like I said, she's amazing! Anyway, in our humble home, we have built one entry way bench, fixed another bench, painted two frames, fixed the refrigerator, defrosted the freezer, been to Walmart about 100+ times! :) Getting ready to plant some planters, enjoy the pool with the little man, played some Settlers of Catan, squeezed in a bit of sleep and tried to keep up with the Love of my Life on facebook!!! Also getting ready to repaint the coffee table! Of course, do I have pictures of all of this - no, not really. Not right now. Besides, how many of you really want to see pictures of the inside of my refrigerator NOT LEAKING?!

Anyway, I'm pretty confident that Sam doesn't check this site and I didn't want to give it all away. I'd like to take him on a tour when he gets home! But I did have a couple of pictures to share - and these are actually pictures that you will want to see!!!

8 months a little late....

And a 9 month picture to boot! He's growing like a weed - just can't even believe it!

Well, keep on tuning in and don't forget to check out Amy's blog at Design Interventions!!!! Seriously, if I had an ounce of her drive and creativity - I'd be an unstoppable force!!!

Enjoying Summer in the Tundra,