Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ethan's 3rd Birthday!

Hopefully I can find some more pictures when I get my hard drive hooked up again!

Dreaming of warmer temps in the Tundra, Sarah

Big Shoes to fill!

Entertaining ourselves however we can, in the Tundra,


Reading Time

Is Daddy reading to Gabe?

Or maybe Gabe is reading to Daddy?

You tell me!

Find the answer here:

Growing our vocabulary, in the Tundra,


Gabe's 1st Birthday

Going all the way back, did I ever post a picture of Gabe's 1st birthday?

We ended up having a pumpkin fest with some friends... Here's Gabe chowing down on his pumpkin cupcake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese icing!

We're going CrrrrAAAzzzYYYY!!!

One day, I was running late and had a dr.s appt. So I jumped in the shower to get ready and Sam was going to come back from his appt. to take care of Gabe. So after I got out of the shower and realized that things were strangely quiet, I snuck downstairs to see what the little Gabe man was up to. I saw two little white hands putting stuff on the step and I walked around the corner to see this little face looking up at me!I took my chances on taking a picture of him before I threw him into the tub to scrub him down with 5 minutes to spare!
I probably shouldn't have taken the time to take a picture of him, because he sat on my bench and put a gigantic white spot on it therefore ruining my fabric. Need to recover that still.... Oh well. But with a face like this, how could you be mad for long!!! Especially daddy, whose painting had deep finger gauges in it! Oops! :)

Trying to stay on top of the mischief in the Tundra,


Some of us are handling the winter better than others....

Ready for spring!!!!
Surviving, barely, in the Tundra,