Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Time ticks on...

Well, I realize it's been a while since I posted. But I wanted to include photos and that would require me being organized enough to know where those photos are!!!

We are winding down on the nice weather. Just after I posted last time, Gabe fell off our almost finished deck and broke his arm! Cassia is just growing like a weed and is best friends with her big brother! Micah is walking and getting around like a boss! And baby BOY #3 - well, frankly, we just found out today he was a boy! But he's moving and grooving! And he's due to be seen in late March!

I do want to start posting some before and after pictures of the homestead, but I keep thinking - let me just get that one more thing done before I take a picture.... Needless to say, that hasn't happened... YET! We did just get all new windows in today, not installed, just delivered. It was during a blizzard that they came. So that might delay getting them in by a couple days anyway!

Speaking of weather, we had an amazing fall in ND - that's part of the reason for my absence! When you have a nice fall, you've really gotta get out there and enjoy it because you never know when it's over. Well folks.... it's over. Yesterday, the high was like 14. Today it couldn't have been much better than that, besides the inches of snow that was flying. I think it's here. The winter has arrived. Hope we cleaned everything up, because at this point, we won't find it till the great meltdown, in June!

On a happier note, Gabe informed me today that we lived in the "Frozen Tundra." And he does NOT like that. He said that his dad said we could move to Florida and he thought Cassia and I might really enjoy that because he would. (Poor boy, I just didn't feel right letting him know that his daddy has been promising something like that for the last 10 years!)

We did celebrate our 9 year anniversary in October - that was really nice - hard to believe that we've been on this journey that short of time - feels like a lot longer! But in a good way! :)

We do have a busy week ahead, so I'm not making any promises, but I will be getting those pictures together soon and getting back on here to update soon!

Here's to keeping warm!