Monday, September 28, 2009

Alright - time is up!

I cannot continue the Giveaway contest, because #1 - we are heading in to the hospital tonight/tom. morning. And the Dr. said tomorrow is the big day! So once we actually see the whites of little Coleman's eyes, I will check the entries and see who picked the correct day and do a drawing with those particular people and I'll be contacting you with the choice of your prize!!! I'm still praying that there is a possibility of those of you who chose today - contractions started last night. I don't know if they are the "real" ones or the Braxton Hicks kind, but either way - I hope that when I go in tonight, things will have progressed far beyond what they expect and we'll have baby out sooner than ever! Keep praying!!! I did have some pictures I was going to post for you today, but Sam took my camera out duck hunting this morning and so I don't have it with me. So stay tuned for lots of posts!!! I still haven't finished the nursery, so I didn't want to post those pictures yet, but hopefully we'll be able to get that done pretty soon. I wanted our chalk board to up to welcome the new guy, but alas, not done. Too busy. But we will get it up, one of these days, I promise! :)

Other than that, my mom started her radiation. Please keep her in your prayers. I think it's going well so far, today is her third day into it!

And on another note! Sam has decided to postpone school until next semester! So we are very excited about that and Sam has a few weeks to focus on his paintings and get those ready to go for his big show. A load was really taken off when he made that decision and so yay!!!

Other than that, I guess we are all as ready as we can get for Baby Coleman to arrive. Will be posting stories, pictures and news asap - make sure to tune in!!!!

Getting ready for a new little man in the Tundra,

Love, Sarah

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Morning!

Good Morning Folks,

Just wanted to stop by and say so far, no baby. Things are progressing, but slowly at this point. Everyone has been giving me pointers on how to make the baby come sooner, but frankly, I think he got wind of life OUTSIDE with the womb with Mom and Dad and he's decided he might like to stay INSIDE for a bit longer! :)

I did want to show you a couple senior pictures - now, just remember, these are straight out of the camera, but they were just too good not to share... I'll be working on editing them here pretty soon, so keep in touch for more!!!

Before.....ahhhh, what a cutie patootie!

and after..........hahahahahahahahahahahaha

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! He totally fell in by accident! I love it!!!

Hope that brought a smile to your face like it did mine!

Waiting for a baby in the Tundra,


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good morning and greetings, Fans!

Ha, I crack myself up! Well, we've had quite a busy last few days! Hopefully I can show you a little of what we've been up to! And on a side note - I'm sorry to those of you who have picked dates for little Jr. to arrive up to this point - he's still comfy and cozy tucked away inside! It's getting closer, I CAN assure you of that fact! :)

Let me think if I can remember what we did over the weekend. Oh, Saturday was just a regular busy, uneventful day, but Sunday, we knew we were going to have a busy day, so... we took our Sunday drive on Saturday and I can't explain to you the situation we were in, so I hope to illustrate it.

Just to start my pictorial example, it all started with this. We were just driving. No one said anything. Then Sam pipes up - "Don't ask me where we're going, because I don't know."

(PS. It's a video, so click the arrow to PLAY)

Ummm..... I told Sam that I didn't really figure he knew where he was going, but secretly, I was just thankful that we weren't in my van! :) By the way, yes, that's Tonto running on ahead - his only trick is staying ahead of Sam but he never wants to get left behind, so every once in a while, he slows down to make sure we're still there - "Better keep going, T!"

Anyway, we got to a little pickle and Sam had to decide if we could even continue, so this is his verdict....

Uhhh, guess that was a - NO!

So here's one more video on getting out of where we never knew we were going in the first place!

So now you have it folks! A little taste of our Sunday drives and maybe you understand a little better why folks are always wondering about the status of our vehicles! But hey, it's fun! And quite the adventure!!!

Sunday..... we had a busy day - we had church in the morning, and then a meeting, and after that, the most amazing wonderful ladies put on a baby shower for me! And then we finished up the evening with a Crossfire Bonfire! (Crossfire is our Jr. High Ministry!) So besides a little 20 minute opportunity to run home and lay down for a couple minutes, we were out and about all day! And just so you know, Sam didn't come to the Baby Shower. He used his time off to head up to Center, ND for Prairie Days. Thought there would be a link for it, but I guess not. Anyway, if you want to hear all about that adventure, well, you'll just have to ask Sam, but he never submits on this blog, so he misses out on telling his story, or version, or defend himself, or whatever. But that's his problem - not mine! :) So back to me! The baby shower was so nice - the Youth decorated downstairs at church - it looked so nice - I've got pictures, don't you worry! We had yummy goodies, one of my Sr. High girls made the cake - amazing! She's the same one who made my birthday cake, if you remember that. Bridget Hineman - remember that name! She'll be the next famous chef/baker on one of these reality shows - or in a famous restaurant - maybe not in a restaurant because she wants to go into Dermatology and I don't know about you, but something tells me that cooking and skin diseases just don't go together. So I don't know how she's going to work all that out, but believe me - she's amazing, she'll figure it out! Ok, I digress! Where was I.... oh yeah, the baby shower - there were 40+ of the most precious ladies in the world all gathered together in one room just to celebrate this new life in me! Talk about overwhelmed!!! Those ladies had me opening presents for an hour straight while they got to visit with each other - I didn't even get to visit with all of them, but I can't tell you how much I appreciated their presence (presents)! Such sweet, sweet people! Let me stop rambling and show you some pictures!

Yep, that's the famous "Bridget!"

This is Kari Knudson sharing a devotional while Sam was still there. She is one of the wonderful gals that put this shin dig on - I can't even begin to tell you what a treasure she is... Be on the look out - this picture is just a tame version of her - you'll see her wild side come out in a few pictures!

Lots of wonderful food!!!!

Just some of the wonderful people there!

Here's the thing - I caught Kari acting very suspicious. She told me she found the camera I'd put away and I warned her that whatever pictures she took WILL be showing up on the Internet. So I consider that a fair warning, don't you? So feast your eyes on the REAL Kari!!! This is what I found on my camera!!!

There you have it folks! I wish I had pictures from the other showers that my precious friends gave me, but alas, that was BEFORE I had a camera, so we all miss out! But Katie, Sadie and Ruth gave me a family/relative and close family friends shower back in May, which was really nice. And then I had another one when I went home in July, with my precious peeps from back in VA - that was a hootin' hollerin' good time! It always is with those ladies!!!

Do you think this post has gone on long enough? Are you sick of my life yet? I haven't even started on what we've done this week so far! HA!

On a more serious note, I don't know if you know that Sam is going back to school for his Master's in Pastoral Counseling. He started his class on Monday and I think he's feeling quite a bit overwhelmed, if you can please pray for him, I'd sure appreciate it. He's got a lot on his plate right now with the start up of Fall Activities with church and his one man Art Show in October, his new class and oh yeah, a baby on the way! Please pray that I have the discernment to know how to help bear his burdens. Thank you.

We've also been busy taking Senior photo's! It's just starting to turn Fall around here, so what few leaves we have are beginning to change and make for really nice photos. We've got two more Sr.'s photos to do this week and then we are off to get them all edited and distributed...

I have my last dr. appt today, so I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow - if I'm still around here tomorrow! I know there are a lot of guesses for tomorrow - so we'll see who is right!

Well, goodbye for now folks! Hope you enjoyed my weekend as much as I did! :)

Until the next time, enjoying the Fall in the Tundra,


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was going to do a nice long post of the weekend, but I didn't feel too well yesterday - didn't sleep much and so I didn't have access to the computer. Today, well, I'm swamped and don't have time to download and upload and all that good stuff, so watch out - it's coming - hold on to your hats!!!!

Coming up for a breath in the Tundra,


Friday, September 18, 2009

End of another week....

Ok, I know that I promised pictures of the nursery at this point, but I just remembered I have a baby shower on Sunday and maybe I'll be getting some treasures, so why not make you wait a little longer! It's not going anywhere, and besides, I have maternity clothes flung all over the place in there and nothing on the walls yet. So I am going to make you wait a bit! I still have to find a place for some things and I want to give you the grand tour!

On another note, for those of you participating in my Giveaway and are anxious to find out how I'm feeling - still good. I know that I've passed at least one of your dates, so I'm sorry for your loss in the Giveaway, but don't give up on me - there will be more! :)

It's still summer here. As in, summer came last week and it's still here - miracle above miracles!!! I was telling some friends of mine last night that I think I got jipped. I honestly thought we'd get weather like this when I wasn't quite so pregnant. I was counting on some serious fall weather by now! How can I even decorate my house with corn stalks when it's stinkin' 80 degrees outside? There is something VERY wrong with that!!! Oh well, I think next week, it's suppose to cool down a little. I really have nothing to complain about except for the fact that I can't walk out of the house without pouring sweat and that's just plain disgusting!

On the home front - Sam, the main man, has been painting! Oh man, you should see some of his work. Last night, he got home from guys Bible Study about 9pm and started a painting, while we were watching Hannah Montana, the movie (I know - side note later) and he ended up staying up till, well, frankly I don't know - 3am maybe? Anyway, I looked downstairs this morning and he had completed this whole huge painting and it's just BEAUTIFUL!!! I know that I'm a bit biased, but seriously, this is a keeper. There are some of the ones he does that don't really tinkle my bell, but this is a beautiful one out in the badlands with some yellow flowers in the fore ground - amazing and so real to life!!! So how about that - I really think the Lord is blessing his diligence. Please continue to keep him in your prayers as he is feeling the crunch time to get these paintings done for his one man show in October. I know he can do it though! So, yeah, the Hannah Montana movie... well, remember #1 that we deal with youth on a regular basis and it's good to keep up with Youth Culture! And for #2 - Sam loves Hannah Montana - HA! I think that's so funny! He thinks she's the funniest thing. So here we are watching this movie last night and laughing away! It was so lame in a lot of parts that we couldn't even help rolling our eyes and laughing! But let me tell you - Hannah Montana knows how to put some good music in her movies! :) I did keep me awake all the way till midnight and that is more than I can say for about 99% of the movies we rent. That might be pretty sad, but it's a fact!

Well, I guess I'll close for the weekend.... The street fair is this weekend, maybe I'll get out a do a little walking! Should be a good time! I'll be checking in Monday, so have a great weekend!!!!

Waiting for Fall to hit in the Tundra,


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Follow up from the weekend....

I was actually really busy at work yesterday and didn't even have the time to download my pictures, much less even blog about my treasures. (Not that there is too much to say.) I think we are getting a little too picky for Yard Sales. *Gasp*, did I say that out loud. I don't really think I meant it. It's just that sometimes when your house becomes so full of real junk, it's hard to see the treasure-ness in items you might find on the yard sale route! I think this change of heart is really telling me that I need to do some purging of the junk in my house, so that I can make room for more! I think one problem is that Sam is a little bit of a pack-rat and coupled with the fact that I can tend toward the pack-rat side (after all, my mom's theory on life is "Why buy one, two is better!"!), brings on much stuff! But it's so dang much fun!!!

Maybe you ask where do we even find these yard sales? Well, here's a good spot to start!

Seriously, why advertise in the paper when you have this opportunity?!

Now, here's a look at the good ole' days. The only problem here is that I didn't want these parents to think I was stalking their children, but come on - you are going to let your kids do this? Be ready for some pictures, they were so enthusiastic that we didn't even look at the rummage sale, we only stopped for....

That's right - you guessed it - LEMONADE!!!! .25 cents a cup, baby! I was trying to get a picture of Sam actually at the stand, but especially my bending-over-to-get-the-camera reflexes are a little slow these days!

Now here is a classic example of a drive-by!

But in light of the situation, (this is Sam's mom, moving her stuff from one rummage sale location to another) we stopped to load up her, ummmm..... treasures. Right, treasures.

We found many more drive-by's this year than ever before. Like I said, we are getting a little more selective about our time and treasures. Plus, getting in and out of the car that many times might just have put me into labor! We did find a couple things. A small stroller and two little bean bag chairs - one is a lady bug and the other is a bumble bee!!! Craziness, since that's exactly what our nursery is decorated like! Speaking of, I will promise to take some pictures today of the nursery because at this point, you never know when I may have to take a leave of absence from my blog and leave you high and dry! :) It's ok, we'll go through the detoxing together! :)

Should I, or should I not??? I'm pretty excited about a couple of senior photo's that I've been tinkering around with for Erik! I think I will post one of my favorite's so far to give you a taste of what's to come - let me know what you think Erik?!!!

Well, that should more than make up for some of my posts with no pictures! Don't forget to vote on my Giveaway post... You have a great chance of winning since I don't have many entries right now. And seriously, people, I don't want Sam to get a complex thinking that no one wants his art - he's very excited about this giveaway!

Alrighty then, trying to figure out how to get ready for a baby in the Tundra,

Love, Sarah

Friday, September 11, 2009


For all of you out there holding your breath with me for winning a Pioneer Woman's giveaway - exhale, didn't happen again!!!! But... I think I'll do my own give away!

So for those of you that voted on my baby's due date, write me a comment for the date that you guessed and for those of you that pick the right date, I'll do a drawing and get you a Sam Coleman print! How's that for celebrating a new life!!!!

Plus, I think that Sam will be more than happy to oblige! Anyone can join - the contest will start right now and go till Sept. 28th. You can only enter once!

Just comment on this post for the contest!

Waiting to find out if I won some amazing boots....

Ever the optimist. Trying to win something on Pioneer Woman! One day, I will succeed and I'm afraid it might just be one of the biggest highlights in my life!!! Is that sad? Wait. Don't answer that. Guess what? It's POW WOW weekend - do you realize what this means? Only the biggest yard sale weekend of the YEAR!!!! Nevermind that we haven't gone to a yard sale the rest of the summer. We decided we have too much junk in our house as it is and we don't need anymore. I did a little the beginning of the summer looking for some baby treasures and that's what I plan on doing this weekend! I'm not exactly sure what I need, but don't you worry, when I find it, I'LL KNOW! My one brother in law, Judah, thinks it's all junk, but my other brother in law - the kindred spirit, Charlie, he sees it all for what it really is - a treasure!!!! Sorry Judah, but I'm sure you'll come around one of these days! :)

Well, we are on countdown for a lot of things. #1 - Rally Sunday, that's this Sunday and that means Sunday School starts back up again. So after being gone from church for too many Sundays to count, we'll be back, full fledged! #2 - Rally Wednesday is this coming Wednesday night (16th) which is the start of Confirmation! We are switching things up quite a bit and so Sam's got a lot on his plate right now. But it'll be nice when that is over. The first one - you just never know how it's gonna go, but we have a lot of people that have put a lot of time into this service and I'm pretty sure it's going to knock everyone's socks off. The only dilemma I have is that my Women's Bible Study is at the exact same time. So I just don't know - I'm so torn. I need the fellowship, but I might have to skip the first one just to gain the momentum of the back to school spirit!!! We'll see. I'll keep you posted. #3 - Thursday night (17th) starts Sam's league Men's Volleyball. Yes, he signed up for a weekly league to play V-ball with the boys and have a Bible study afterwards. Good for them. That goes till December or something. #4 - Friday night (18th) is our back to school kick off for Jr. High Crossfire. #5 - Sam is starting back to school with Liberty Theological Seminary. I don't know when his class starts exactly. #6 - It's time for the annual Papa's Pumpkin Patch family fun day! Which crazy enough, Sam is in charge of! But he says that he's pretty much handed those responsibilities over to someone else, but we'll see. #7 - Sam's got a big commission art piece that he has finally started on and I pray he feels like he's got a good start, because I think it looks great! Don't know exactly when that's due. #8 - Sam's also got a one man art show the last week of October! Hmmm.... I should be working on some invites for that. At least getting some labels ready for that. Thanks for the reminder. He just has to get 30 originals ready to put up... No big deal, right? #9 - We have 2 senior and 1 family photo session to edit and 2 more seniors to take during the Fall. #10 - Oh, I almost forgot - we have to squeeze the birth of our first born son in there somewhere between #6 and #7. So you can see, we've got a lot going on. Any prayers you've got to spare, we'd sure appreciate it!!! And winning the oh so cool cowgirl boots on Pioneer Woman sure would help! But I'm not going to hold my breath! (Pretty much winning anything on Pioneer Woman would help!)

I know I need to add a few more pictures, I will. I actually got the nursery straighten up yesterday. It looks pretty close to being ready to welcome a new person! I've got laundry washed, books ready to read, diapers ready to put on, and who knows what else? I don't really have a clue what I need for a new little baby, but we'll figure it all right? I've decided that you can really get inundated by all the "things" to do to prepare for a little person. You've got people telling you that "life is never going to be the same" "you'd better sleep now - you'll never sleep again" "you've got to change everything that you ever knew" "you'll never have fun again" "this little tiny person is going to take over your life" "your whole entire world will be turned upside down" "Sam will finally have to grow up" "you'll never have peace and quiet for the rest of your life" "you won't even know what hit you" "you better do whatever you want to now, ie, travel, etc. because you won't be able to do it again for the next 18+ years" "you'd better get out of your system everything you ever wanted or hoped to do it because now you have to do whatever your kid wants to do" - but.... "it'll all be worth it." Yeah right. No wonder parents are super heroes. It's been about 9+ months to get all of this hysteria out of my system and actually look forward to meeting this little guy. I have to remember all the advice is coming from other people with other lives and they aren't me. Sure, I'm sure some of it is legitimate, but I think we'll figure out how to adjust to our new little addition. There might be bumps along the way, but I have an amazing husband, who is surprisingly a lot more grown up than a lot of people give him credit for. And most of all, we have a God that loves us more than anything and has already filled our life with lots of loving people that have already offered to come along and help us. He's given us this little blessing for a short while to raise in the nurture and admonition in the Lord, and we will do our darndest to make sure that happens, even though I know we'll screw up - we always do! But God is bigger than us! So that's about where I stand these last few weeks as we look forward to meeting our new little guy! (PS. I know you think I'm kidding about all that advice, but it's true, I heard every bit of it and more at least once in the last nine months!)

On another note - please continue to pray for my mom. Her radiation starts on 09-22-09. And she'll have it for 5 days a week for at least 6 weeks. So if you work out the math there, it means, we're hoping she'll finish up before Thanksgiving and that also means, no time to come out when the baby is born. We will be heading back to VA for T-giving as we have a lot of family coming from all over to meet our little fella and fellowship. So there is no sense in Mom and Dad coming out. That also means our projects get put on hold for another year probably. It's quite disappointing, but I want mom to get better and healed up! So please pray for her during this time as well. Thank you!!!!

Sorry for all the writing and not so many pictures... Pictures will definitely be coming! Thanks for your patience!

Fall is on it's way in the Tundra,


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updates on.....Life......

Well, here's how the story goes. I don't know when was the last time I updated you on life. But I just had another ultra sound yesterday and the tech just gave me a picture, not a cd, so I was trying to scan it in so that you could see my 37 week old baby! But the scan did not turn out too good, so you are going to have to trust me on this one - he is the cutest baby that you've ever seen in the whole entire world! He's up to 6lbs. 12oz. give or take half a lb. or so. That means in the next three weeks, he may gain up to a half a lb. each week coming into the world at a whopping 8 and a half lbs. Of course, that's all speculation. Nothing in this world is for sure! Well, maybe a couple things, but I'm not really going to wax philosophical on you right now. That just wouldn't be right on this absolutely perfect ND day! What can I say - it might take a while for summer to get to the Tundra, but when it does - watch out!!! My computer registers 78 degrees right now and I'm wilting away inside.

I started MOPS this morning. I know a few of you may think I'm being a little too premature, but a girl has got to prepare herself, you know? Anyway, speaking of all this baby-ness - I'm assuming I can make this big announcement since she did on Facebook - and we all know that when the announcement goes on Facebook - it's official!!! Sam's sister Katie is expecting a little guy/gal!!! That's right - the beginning of April will be welcoming another little peanut into the Coleman Clan. How exciting is that???? She's 10 weeks now and ready for the morning sickness to subside, but otherwise perfectly excited and happy about the new little life growing in her! So congrats to Katie and Mike Montplaisir in the upcoming birth of #1!!!

Well, I just got a call from the Love of my life - by the way, he's got a lot on his plate right now - if you could say a little prayer for him, I'd really appreciate it! Anyway, he's on his way to pick me up - so I'll check in again later!!! Have a great day - hope yours is as beautiful as mine!

Soaking up the Sun in the Tundra,


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


for those of you who voted on my baby's due date past Sept - I don't think you are going to be right... The dr. just told me yesterday she wasn't going to let me go much past my due date! So if you can be praying - I need little Baby Coleman to come sometime between 9/17 and 9/29! Thanks! It might sound crazy, but I don't really want to be induced and I want the little guy to be as healthy as possible!!! There is the latest on my account! :) Getting ready - we picked up the crib last night. So today I'll be working on laundry and trying to get the rest of the nursery set up! Pictures yet to come!

Getting ready in the Tundra,