Monday, August 31, 2009

Are you a smeller?

If you have to ask me, what the heck is a smeller? - you OBVIOUSLY aren't a smeller! I LOVE smells - good smells that is. I go crazy with fresh laundry. And right now, on my desk, sitting beside me is the most delicious smelling peach I think I've ever smelled in my whole entire life! I'm thinking I need to wait till snack time for it. When is snack time anyway? Ok, I can't stand it - the smell is getting to me - snack time is NOW! One bite and....oh, so disappointed...... You know how they say, don't judge a book by it's cover? Well, certainly don't judge a peach by it's smell.... Another bite - it gets a little better, but frankly, I've lost all the excitement with that first impressionable bite. My life is not as happy as it was before. Some of you may be thinking right now - what the heck is this girl writing about and why the heck am I reading it? Well, that's a question that only you can answer. And frankly, I think it might be a bit of a personal problem! :) Now, getting back to my peach, if I were more of a blogger and less of a smeller, I might have even documented the whole process with pictures. But seriously, the smell was just getting to me! So there you have it! I have a pretty intense sniffer. Most of my memories are linked to smells. Is that weird? Never mind, don't answer that. Every time I smell diesel - it reminds me of being 11 years old and standing in the Garden Tomb right outside of Jerusalem, Israel. Did you know that they've created a bus station right under Golgatha? Seriously. It was a pretty intense moment in my life and so as I stood there taking it all in, the diesel really marked that memory on my brain - funny how things like that work... Whenever I smell celery - I ALWAYS think of Thanksgiving. It could be the middle of summertime and as soon as I smell celery, it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling like the cozy, comforting Fall is right around the corner. I remember waking up to the smell of Turkey in the oven every Thanksgiving. My mom had already chopped celery and onion to fill the inside of it with all of her other seasonings... Ummmm..... I'm definitely not ready for the Fall, but the thought of Thanksgiving...

Well, to get us back on track for the summer, let me show you a couple of pictures with just did with one of our amazing pastor's families... This is raw footage, mind you - Sam's got the good pictures on his camera, but they are so stinking cute, I couldn't resist posting a couple just to give you a sneak preview to what is to come. Eventually, meaning sooner than later, we are going to get a S2 (S-Squared) Photography website up and running to see all of our photos, but for now - with the lack of equipment that we need right now.... we'll just have to settle for this!

Just a reminder - these are not the final product - Sam's got the good photo's, this is just a taste, but they are such a cute family!!! I just had to share! Well, I guess my aimless ramblings have filled up enough of your time. So I'll let you go - I need to make a to-do list for the day! So have a terrific day! It's gone from 56 degrees to 70 degrees - so I hope you are enjoying your day as much as I plan on enjoying mine! :)

Life is good in the Tundra,


Friday, August 28, 2009

Just to let you know...

I'm still here. Trying to think of something great to say. Just not coming. Oh well.

Stumped in the Tundra,


PS. We are going to be doing some family pictures this afternoon - pray that the sun comes out a bit more!!! Stand by for some new pictures of peeps!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Post 100?

Whoever knew that I would have enough to say to fill up 100 posts on a blog. Some of you may beg to differ that really, I never did have enough to say to fill up that many posts, but I did it anyway. And really, you can't stop me! Even if everyone decided to stop reading my blog, I'd probably write anyway. It's fun. So there. Besides, how else would all my college students go away to school and feel so homesick that they just need a little bit of home and so they tune in to the good ole' blog that stays with them through thick and thin and realize that they aren't alone? They don't have to feel crazy for being homesick - there are craziers out there - and they go by the names of Sam and Sarah Coleman!!! I'm here to make other people's life more bearable - that's what I've decided. A long time ago, I told Sam I was here to teach him patience, but it turns out that didn't really work. And I'm not going to be patient enough to teach him patience. So I've decided to move on with my purpose in life. Now I'm going to make other people's life more bearable!

Now, what was I saying? Ha. I guess nothing really. HA - and you wonder how I can fill up 100 posts! Hey, you don't have to read them, you know.... Well, we are on countdown for the big meeting of Baby Coleman - 5 weeks left, I hope no more than that. Ahhhhh - 5 weeks????? Ahhhhhh!!!!! I don't think I'm ready for this!!!!!!!!! I guess it's too late to turn back now! What was I thinking???? Breathe, ok breathe, ok, I'm sure I'll be fine..... Sorry about that.

Well, I'm busy uploading videos on facebook of our tubing adventures! Unfortunately, I missed the best parts because of hitting a bump in the water and nearly flying out of the boat - the tubers - mainly Sam - flew straight up in the air - we are talking VERTICAL while still holding on and then came soundly down on Tiffany - the 4'6" tiniest girl! I think there was a permanent indention of her body on the tube. I felt really bad for her - she'll probably never bounce back. Anyway, all the boys have been complaining about how sore their muscles are since their tubing/wake boarding adventures - let's see if I can upload some for you!!!

This is Sam's first time wake boarding - pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!

Now let's see if I can get a video on here...

Well, that took quite a while, let me see if I can post this for your viewing pleasure!

Livin' it up in the Tundra,


Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm trying...

Sometimes, it's so frustrating not to have the time to do the things you WANT to do, do you know what I mean? And then when frustrating things like your computer is super slow.... Oh well... I need to get some photos uploaded!

Anyway, this is what I was busy doing last night while Sam was out hunting clay pigeons. And from what I heard, he only found half of them! But good for him, he had a great time and is getting in practice for hunting season, although I think Tonto needs more practice than Sam!!! I don't know much about hunting for clay pigeons, but something tells me, it'd be pretty hard to sniff them out and nearly impossible for T to retrieve them anyway, so I guess it's all good! :) So here's the nursery. It's coming along. I would have taken more pictures, but this is the only section I've gotten done so far.

I think the red is super cute and I'm so glad that Sam encouraged us to go with the brighter colors.

I have a bunch more pictures and video footage from the weekend at the Hinemans, let me see if I have a couple minutes to get them on here. Actually, since my computer has been acting up, I don't. So you'll have to tune in tomorrow and hopefully things will be cooperating better!

Tune in later!

Summer has finally arrived in the Tundra! (or maybe it's Indian Summer - a little early, don't you think?)

Love, Sarah

Friday, August 21, 2009


Well, just so you know, there was no one at my house painting our steps in the rain. Sam ran the "Homeless" fella's situation by everyone at church and they told him he'd be crazy to bring him home and give him a job and that not a one of them were coming to the morgue to identify his body and I guess that made Sam second guess his decision. So there you have it - me waxing philosophical on my husband's sensitive heart and the church shooting him down. Oh well. I still take you back to the heart motivation....

I was running late this morning and wanted to get pictures of the rocking chair I covered and the valence that I made yesterday. Our nursery is coming along nicely. We finally picked up a dresser. Just need to get the crib now and things will start to be underway!!! It's definitely coming together and it's already so bright and cheery. I suppose soon, I'll have to start washing clothes and get ready for the little guys big debut! When I think about the whole new adventure getting ready to come and all that goes along with it, it's very intimidating, but when I focus on the little guy and just getting to meet him and know that he is half of me and half of the love of my life - our very own, lent to us for a short while by a great God who trusts us enough to send him, well, I just get so stinking excited!

My mom just called and she has a meeting with the Radiation Dr. in a couple of weeks to start her radiation...Please pray that all that works out. I feel very confident in her decision and the Lord has brought confirmation after confirmation to her regarding her own decision and so I'm very thankful for that! So most likely her radiation treatments are going to overlap Baby Coleman being born - well, maybe, we'll see.... So please continue to pray for this situation! Thanks a tons!!!!

Well, I'm off to the Lake this weekend. Looks like things are going to warm up in the Tundra - we're looking at 80's on Saturday and 90's on Sunday. We'll be back in time for church on Sunday, because our church is getting together with a bunch of other churches, where it's called "The Gathering." All of our churches get together at an outside amphitheater and worship together. It's quite cool! Well, that's about all going on in the Tundra this weekend!

Looking forward to sharing some new pictures on Monday!

Have a great weekend!

Livin' it up in the Tundra!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Entertaining Angels?

Last night was our last Garden Tour of the Summer. The summer is winding down here, that's for sure. I guess it was 100 degrees for a couple days while we were away, but it's been chilly since we've been home. I guess yesterday it did get up to 80, but mostly staying in the 70's. Everyone says it's going to be another early, cold winter. I don't know if I'm really ready for that! In fact, I know I'm not ready for that - I'll tell you what I AM ready for - all this Global Warming that everyone and their mother keeps talking about! Bring it on baby!!!

Well, anyway, it was a perfect evening for touring people's yards. I have no idea how they make their yards just so perfect. I have an idea that they don't plant things 2 inches away from each other so that at the end of the first season, the plant bed looks like it's been there for 30 years. That's just ONE idea. Sam says he's probably going to have to dig up every plant and space them a little better - I don't guess now would be the most appropriate time to say - "I told you so." So I'll just let it rest at that.

On a whole other note - did you know that my husband has a soft spot for hitch hikers? It's true, he picked up countless numbers of them during his college years and hauled them between Bismarck and Minneapolis. He's had some interesting adventures in talking to a lot of them. Most of them were aching to get out of the car once it slowed down to a mere 30 mph. It was also usually by the time Sam got to the salvation message. I'm not sure if it had to do with the way the conversation was going or if it was just his driving. The jury is still out on that one! :) So last night, on our way to a Garden, we saw a fella holding up a street corner with the following sign - "More then Willing To Work - Renovation by trade but will even clean toilets" He was a clean cut individual, looking to be in his 50's? 60's? Sometimes you can never tell. What's their story anyway? What brings them to standing on the corner of the biggest road in Bismarck with a sign like that? Bad choices? Bad luck? Unfortunate circumstances? You just never know. It's a wonder he didn't think we were stalking him. We drove past about 15 times and then went and parked in a parking lot across from him. Sam's heart went out to this fella. He wanted to talk to him. I'm a lot more selfish. I was sitting there figuring, how in the heck are we going to pay this fella to do jobs around our house that we could do ourselves? Where are we going to let him sleep? I don't especially want to bring a stranger home tonight. I'm tired. Why do I have to deal with this? Meanwhile, my soft hearted husband is sitting beside me thinking - we just got paid some unexpected money from some art that sold. We have those steps that need to be painted. He could sleep downstairs. I wonder what his story is. Why does he have a cane? Who can I connect him with to get him a job? I just want to talk to him. How do I get over there to talk to him? So you can see a little glimpse into the life of a Saint and Sinner. The whole time, scriptures are running through my head - taking care of the least of these my brethren... entertaining angels unaware... don't worry about tomorrow... look how I take care of the lilies of the field. I could go on. But you already have enough of a glimpse of my utter selfishness. So then Sam said outloud - How are you suppose to talk to him, just pull over on the ramp of the interstate - I just want to talk to him. And from somewhere else inside of me came - You could pull into that parking lot and walk over and talk to him.... Hello - where did that come from? So Sam immediately goes and parks and as soon as he did, this fella picks up all his stuff and starts walking toward us. I start praying - God, protect us. May your will be done and not mine. Sam jumped out and talked to him. He was sleeping right there in some bushes by an old abandoned building. He was clean cut. He was from Butte, MT. He was desperately looking for work. While Sam was talking to him, a little Native American girl came running over to give him some money. He graciously and embarrassingly took it. I'm more convicted. But I'm getting more excited about helping this fella and I'm especially thankful for such a wonderful, sensitive husband. He had a cell phone. They exchanged numbers. Sam told him we had a little work, but not much - he said, he didn't care. He'd do anything - except work for crazy people, he'd done that. He said he'd be ready first thing in the morning - give him a call. This morning I woke up and reminded Sam to not forget about his friend, LR. I don't know what happened today. It rained. He can't paint outside in the rain. Sam had staff meeting this morning. I don't know what's happened with LR or if he's even still around. Heck, he could be at my house painting treacherous steps down to the road. But let me tell you - I had a lesson in trusting the Lord last night. It was a hard one. Maybe we ended up helping LR, maybe not - but God certainly used him last night to teach me to trust Him and not when it's convenient and fun. But there are people who have needs for whatever reason all the time. To be on the look out for them - just like Sam is. Every morning, Sam and I pray for opportunities to serve others - here was a perfect example - and I think the lesson comes like this - whether you actually serve or help someone is besides the point, the point is to just be WILLING to. Be sensitive to the Lord's leading. Whew. Wow, that was hard. Thanks for letting me share my lesson with you. I hope you have a fantastic day finding lots of ways to see the Lord working around you!

Also, I wanted to update you on the status of my mom. She goes into to visit with her Oncologist tomorrow. I think she's decided to just do the radiation and hormone therapy, not the chemo. So I would like to continue asking for prayers for her healing and that she would be confident in her decision. That she would not be anxious through radiation (5 days/week for 5-6 weeks) that she's not going to make it to Bismarck in time for Baby Coleman to arrive. (Please don't pray that he's late either. Thanks!) Pray that the Lord's promised healing hand would be on her and give her the peace that passes all human understanding - just as He promises! Isn't it wonderful that we serve such an amazing God???

Humbled in the Tundra,


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I just finished posting about my previous 10 days, so scroll down for previous post before reading this one - unless of course, you are one of THOSE people, who like to read the last chapter of the book before you even start the book - but don't EVEN get me started on THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE! Just do me a favor, ok? Scroll down and read the other post first... Geesh, why do you have to be so difficult? - some people's children.....

So HI! I'm back! It's been a full 10 minutes since I last posted, but I have a lot more pictures from Colorado. We were home for a little over 24 hours, just enough time to do a little laundry and re-figure some packing, remove our forks, go to the Dr. for a check up, rent a few audio books for the long drive, go through Sam's goods from Guatemala, tell our dog hi, and have a little bit of sleep before we got up at 4:30am on Saturday morning to begin our 17-20 hour drive to CO! We did make it the first day to Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes, CO - with 7 people in the Suburban and Sadie and Nathan in their van. When we got to Cheyenne, WY, we got to spread out a bit... Anyway, here's a couple pictures from our evening hike up to a waterfall that night.

What a hunka hunka burning love, aye?

The next day, we headed out again, all through the park, it was really pretty, except it was called "Alpine Tundra" instead of my fond name for ND - the "Arctic Tundra." But you'll have to understand the definitions of the two so that you understand that I'm not exaggerating when I call this place the Arctic Tundra! The "Alpine Tundra" has to do with elevation, while the "Arctic Tundra" has to do with the temperature... ND does not have elevation, so I've been right on all this time - and for you all you crazies out there that think I'm being SO DRAMATIC - whatever. If you drive to the highest paved road in the United States - in Rocky Mountain National Park and stop at the visitor center at the top - like 12,000 ungodly feet, you can read the sign for yourself! So there!!!! Enough of that.

It was really COLD here too though...

We picked up Katie and Mike in Buena Vista, CO. It's great to see them again! And then we headed off to Family Camp. Seriously, after 3,000 (maybe slight exaggeration) hours in the car, I thought I was going to loose it in the windy, twisty road down to the Camp. We ended up just outside of Lake City, CO - ever heard of it? Yeah, me neither. But it's beautiful. I mean REALLY BEAUTIFUL! And guess what, there were houses for sale EVERYWHERE - so guess who decided that's the new place we are moving too - yep, you guessed it - Sambo says we're moving. But then again - he always says that, so don't get your panties in a wad, ok, Most likely, we're not going anywhere! You can take the guy out of the Tundra, but you can never take the Tundra out of the guy!

Well, here is a plug for Camp Red Cloud. What an amazing experience! We were there for a Creation Mountain Adventure with Alpha and Omega Institute. And it was a great week! 0 as in ZERO cell phone reception, no tv's...basically no contact with the outside world... Here are some fun things we did....

Self portrait - pretty talented, ain't I? these were "family communication building" games... Needless to say, the staff at Red Cloud were NOT sure what to do with the Coleman Clan.

A hike to a waterfall....

High Ropes Course....

Biking for the girls minus me (you should have seen how tiny those seats were - shiver....) and fishing for the boys plus me (you should have seen how tiny those seats were - shiver....oh sorry, did I already say that?!)

I guess this is the only picture I have from fishing - here's the thing - I got a one on one tutorial on fishing with my main man finding me a grasshopper and getting me all rigged up - he even casted for me and showed me how to do it and everything. I sat there and sat there. Then he left and I reeled in and casted myself and within seconds, maybe even milliseconds, I caught my own fish. THAT picture must be on his camera - so trust me on this one - Sambo was NOT the only one in the family catching fish. There, I've said my piece!

On Wednesday, we had an all day event - Rock climbing....

Let's see, what else.... Repelling! I didn't repel - OBVIOUSLY... But here's a great shot after the Outlaws came down!

Some people went on an early morning horse back ride to Breakfast - again, NOT ME! :) So don't you worry your pretty little heads out there in blogger land! I'm taking care of myself, I promise!

And finally, for the pies de resistance - the POWER POLE!

This picture is a little dark and hard to see, but what the heck is a Power Pole, you might ask? I'm glad you did. It's where crazy people climb up a 23 foot telephone pole and stand on the very tippy top of it and then if that's not bad enough, they jump off of it to a trapeze thing and then they let you down with a rope. Yeah. Sounds insane to me - and you didn't even see it happen. Let's just say, I'm pretty glad that I had an excuse not to go on a lot of these things because frankly, I'm sure I would have ended up shortening my life. Can you believe people do this kind of stuff for fun?! :)

Anyway, after all this, we headed back to the Tundra on Friday and stopped in Colorado Springs on Friday night, finished our trip on Saturday and got back at 3am on Sunday morning and do you what to know what my normally extremely active husband had to say about all this?

'Nough said!

We're happy to be home in the Tundra,

Love, Sarah

Where in the world do I begin?

Ok, I spent 10 days in VA and don't have any pictures to show for it because #1. I had Sam's camera and he forgot to get all his barn pictures off his camera before I left and I didn't want to delete any. And #2, well, I just didn't have much time to take pictures. I did take some of Mom's yard to show Sam, but they've since been swallowed up in the abyss of Sam's art pictures, so there you have it.

But what a great visit home. I thought I could go and help Mom and Dad, but it always switches on me - and they did an amazing job of taking care of me!!! I suppose you never stop being a parent.... They are great though. Just got back from their cruise to Alaska and had a ball! Wish I could have been there. Mom is visiting the Dr. today with her choice on what she is doing for treatments... Her options: well, she can do chemo, radiation, and hormone therapy OR she can skip chemo and just do radiation and hormone therapy. She's just waiting to hear from one more genetic Dr. But she's doing great, she looks great and I know that she make just the right decision for her. Isn't it great that we serve such a great God and that He cares about us so much and He loves us so much??? He's really been teaching me a lot about that lately!

Well, my precious, precious friends from home threw me a baby shower when I was home and it was such a special time. Just all the special ladies in my life were there. I even got a huge surprise! Brenda Huggins (who was helping throw the shower) said that she saw an old friend in town today and told her to stop by if she got a chance and do you want to know who walked in???? My AUNT GAYLE!!!!! I haven't seen her in forever - she flew up just for the shower and it's so happened that we had a family reunion the next day - but how special is that??? So seriously, the Lord worked it out so that so many special people could be there. Another dear friend, Noreen, changed her family visit and drove all the way down from DC just to be there too - I could go on and on... Got to visit with my three best friends from high school - they came all the way from Texas, Lynchburg and Fredericksburg!!!! Let me tell you what - I am one special gal!

The next day we had our family reunion, where I got to see a bunch of family from the DC/FL area and also my cousins from AUSTRALIA! Look at me, people are coming from all over the world just to see me! (Well, maybe not exactly! But still....)

It was definitely hard not being able to see or even talk to Sam for those 10 days while he was in Guatemala, but it turns out that he had the best mission trip ever! He's got tons and tons of pictures to share - I'm not sure if you'll be able to see his pictures posted here because they are on his facebook, but if you can, Have a look at a little of the trip to Guatemala with Charity Youth! I can't wait to go myself sometime!!! To tell you the truth - I'm a little jealous - but everyone tells me that once the little guy Coleman arrives, all my sacrifices of the summer will have been worth it - I'm sure that's the case!But did you see these pictures?

Anyway, getting up to the pictorial journal of my life - Sam and I were reunited on August 5th - and made the big drive back from Minneapolis on the 6th only to find this....

And that's kind of weird, because we DON'T park our car like that in the driveway. We thought, what the heck was Johnny doing with our car? So then we got out of the van and walked AROUND the car to find this....

And guess what? We knew exactly who'd been to visit us! Let me tell you - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see Erik, Bridget, Tiffany, and Brittany's hands all over this little project.... Please follow me as I take you on a little tour of the rest of our yard...

Oh, and I couldn't resist - how could you not love THIS waiting for you??? After 12 days, I think he thought we were just a dream that he wouldn't let himself believe...

Anyway, continuing on...

Even some new visitors made their way to our yard....

And finally, 340 plastic forks later....

Needless to say, we felt very cherished! How special are we?? Anyway, we have such a great group of kids and it was great to come home to see this - Shhh....I think we may turn it into a fundraiser - anyone out there willing to pay to have someone else's yard forked???? If so, let me know!

Well, I still have our next week left to blog about, but I'm not going to include it in this post for fear it will get too long! So I'll save this and start another one! Hope you enjoyed!!!!

Feeling loved in the Tundra,


Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009


I know - surprise, surprise! I was going to keep you posted on what's going on in the HOT East! Turns out, Mom and Dad's computer is not so very reliable and decides to shut down on it's own terms and at it's own convenience! So I'll be quick about this in case I loose it all!

I've had a great visit! I still haven't heard from the Sam-meister! That's kind of hard. Actually, who am I kidding - it's REALLY hard! But it's been so much fun connecting with former (not old - that would make ME old!) friends!!!! Having family reunions, baby showers, a lot of visits with dr.s concerning my gestational diabetes, trying to treat that with some alternative methods of diet control. IE - getting rid of all white refined sugar and gluten. Needless to say, I have not been having amazing meals as some may do on vacation. I'm learning the meaning of eating to live and that's about all! :( A girl can only take so many veggies!!! Oh well, I'm learning very good habits and will have to see how they translate into Sam's lifestyle! ;) It will be a good thing for all of us. But still... I haven't had dessert since my birthday! Or anything else to drink besides water since then either! Ugh! Oh the woes!!! (inserted for dramatic effect - just in case you were wondering!)

Well, let me wrap it up before I loose all this wit! As soon as we get back home on Thursday night, I'm sure I'll be doing laundry like crazy and then heading off to CO on friday after my dr. appt. So another week out and about! But hang in there! I'll be back (imagine the Terminator voice!)

Melting outside the Tundra,

Love, Sarah