Friday, October 22, 2010

More Photography

Here is another Senior we had the privilege of photographing. This was a fun quick session and I think her pictures turned out great!
Hope she likes them.
Well, one more family session left to edit and then I'm all caught up! The next one is going to be hard, because there were SOOOO MANY good ones! Thanks a lot Shirley family, for being so photogenic!!!
Knee deep in photos, in the Tundra,

My husbands going to kill me....

I just entered another giveaway.

#1 - just because it is for a CAMERA

#2 - just because it's my anniversary and I deserve something nice from the Pioneer Woman. I mean, after all, I'm probably her biggest fan, what with our love/hate relationship and all!

#3 - and heck, just because I wanted to!

Trying to win something in the Tundra,


Thursday, October 21, 2010

At it again!

First of all, I wanted you to see what we had to work with!

And look at the amazing job we did!

HA! Actually, I crack myself up! I only did this, because these are some good family friends of ours and we can! We have such a good time with them, and I'm glad we had a chance to give them some really good family shots, especailly with 4 boys, ages 19-11 or so...

Anyway, I just finished up a couple of Seniors and just working on two more and then I'll be all caught up and can start working on the Gabe man's pictures! We did finally get to celebrate his birthday with a "Pumpkin Fest" the other night and we have a little video, so I'll get that posted for you as soon as I rescue my other camera out of Sam's car. He's always taking it to get duck hunting pictures - *GAG* ! Anyway, just wanted to send out a little post and let you know we are still enjoying the Fall!

Getting ready to go out and celebrate our 5th year anniversary a day early since Sam has an overnighter tomorrow night!

Makin' the most of Life in the Tundra,


Friday, October 15, 2010

As you can see, we've been at it again! S2 Photography is getting out and enjoying the Fall to the maximum! Here is another great family we had the priviledge of photographing! I hope they love their family pictures as much as we loved taking them!
On another, more kitchen-y note. I haven't forgotten about the bread pudding recipe that I need to post. I promise, I will still do that. In fact, it keeps getting moved to my most recent "to-do" list. But I have been baking like a mad woman! And I have more yet to do! So hang in there with me.
Also, still editing photos! There will be many more to come!
So thanks for your patience. By the way, the Gabe man is walking, walking, walking, more and more every day! We need more videos of him crawling because I think he'll give that up and we'll never see it again! Alright. Check in lata!
Livin' it up in the Tundra,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Recipes Galore!

or maybe just one for starters.... Since I am relatively new to this blogging thing, and neither do I have the time nor the patience to take step by step photos, you just get this nice finished product.

Squash Bread

(sounds real appetizing, right?)

Dissolve 1 pkg. yeast in 1/2 cup warm water.

Add 2 Tbls. Molasses

1 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pumpkin pie spice

1 cup mashed buttercup squash

2 cups flour

Mix well.

Add 1 more cup flour

(if using a kitchen aid, switch to dough hook now.)

"Knead" for approx. 5 min. adding additional flour 1/4 cup at a time until no longer sticky.

Place dough in greased bowl and rise for approx. 1 hour until doubled.

Then punch down and shape into loaf, place in greased loaf pan and let rise for another hour.

Then bake at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes!

(makes 1 loaf)

I love this recipe because it's so fall-ish. You can see that the bread turns out kind of orange and it's great with just butter or add pumpkin butter. You can use it for toast, sandwhiches or just sliced right off the loaf. I can't keep this around the house. We have a cut loaf in the fridge and Sam made two more today and he already cut one of the new ones! Go figure!

It's really easy to make. I hope you enjoy it! If you try it!!!

Bakin' it up in the Tundra,


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Date Night

Some really good friends of ours have been telling us over and over that they want to watch Gabe so the we can have a date night and it never really worked out till this past Tuesday! And what a fun date night it was! We were going to go to the opening of an art show in town, but didn't make it because, suprise! we were running late!

So we picked up our Johnny Carino's to-go and headed back home to load on the canoe! It was the perfect fall evening. All day it had been around 80 degrees and what a wonderful way to end up the evening. Didn't get too many pictures, but I am going to invite you along on our date, via video!

It was such a beautiful evening!

And Sam suprised me with a delicious dessert!

This is how it looked when we finished up!

Thanks for the awesome date, Love of my life. Thanks for watching the Gabe man, Mike and Jen.

Eating up every minute of this gorgeous fall in the Tundra,


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Here we go....

Today, I was on the phone to my mom and thought Gabe was being especially good for the length of our conversation and the rate at which he should have been hungry and tired. So I hung up with her and walked around the corner, this is what I saw.

Of course, Gabe was in the middle of it!


Sorry about the finger, was trying to snap the picture before he tracked dirt EVERYWHERE and caught up to me!

What can I say about that face? Nevermind that I had to spend the next 20 minutes cleaning him and his mess up!
Welcome to the wonderful world of Toddlerhood!
Trying to stay on top of things in the Tundra,

Monday, October 4, 2010

S2 Photography at it again!

Here is another family's pictures we squeezed in before Fall left us for good. Well, I might be a little dramatic there, it hasn't left us FOR GOOD, per say.... One good wind and most of the leaves are gone, but we had a great time out with these guys and I hope they like their pictues.

Squeezing in a couple more sessions before the Tundra has us holed up for the winter! So keep on the look out for more viewing pleasure....

I hear the little man up and awake from his nap, so I'd better go check on him!

Working hard in the Tundra,


Fall Fun

Not too much I can say here!

Livin' it up in the Tundra,


Sunday, October 3, 2010

More videos....

My computer uploads these pretty fast, so here are some more from yesterday!

And here is more bath time fun, except Gabe did just like kids do - smiling and laughing and talking and then as soon as the camera goes on.......well...... boring!!!!

And here we have my main squeeze, Sam the Man!!! Today is our Papa's Pumpkin Patch Potluck time-o-fun! So here's my cowboy, all ready and dressed to lead the games and have a blast! How about that - it hasn't even started yet, and you see him here, first!!! By the way, that's our pond in the background, Aunt Gayle. Looking a bit shabby right now but we like it!!!

Well, I'm making a chicken casserole and Mom's Bread pudding. As soon as that comes out, I'll get you the recipe, because I hate bread pudding, but this, why this would even make the Pioneer Woman's heart beat a little faster! (Even though it doesn't call for butter, I'm sure you could throw a bit on the side!!!)

Livin' up the Fall in the Tundra,


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Much needed updated videos!

For your viewing pleasure....

Bundling up in the Tundra,