Wednesday, August 20, 2008

OH... hey

I knew there was something I was suppose to do - I found this tab on my internet, I guess I was in the middle of posting a new note. Let's see, what's been going on for the last month? Well, Sam was gone for 9 days to Chicago with the Sr. Highers and then got back for 5 days, then left again for 7 days to the Boundary Waters with his brothers.

8-25-08 Seriously, it's been nearly a whole month. I'm sorry Beth! :) Let's see, what's been going on? Well, I definitely feel Fall in the air, I'm kind of trying to deny the fact that it gets to the 50's at night, even though it does make for great sleeping. The kids have already headed back to school and we are well on our way to the routine of school activities! I need a vacation. Gas prices are holding steady at $3.69/gal right now. I've been using Dead Sea soap in the shower, and I really like it. I made stuffed peppers for dinner the other night and they turned out surprisingly well. Sam and I went rummage sale-ing over the weekend, we bought a glider rocker for $5. Sam found a plein air easel for $1.50 and they normally retail for $80-$150... This weekend coming up is Labor Day. We'll be heading out to Medora - Sam is going to help a student do some Elk Scouting. Then we'll probably go to the Musical and head back home on Monday.

The next weekend is the Pow-wow weekend - which to the Native Americans means a gathering of all the tribes for a weekend of festivities at the local Native American College, but for the rest of us, it means 3 day marathon garage sales!! We plan our schedule around this weekend, that's how fun it is! :) Then, sometime, we might be heading out to the Tetons, just Sam and I. There are big art shows in Jackson Hole, WY on Sept. 20th. So we'll see if we make it to that. Then at the end of the month, we have our Fall Festival at Papa's Pumpkin Patch, which is always a good time! So we've got plenty coming up and I'm sure that I'll get a little better with my blog as winter arrives and that's about all I have to do! I want to take some pictures of my recent new craft and post that.

Speaking of crafts, I'm going to start a once a month craft night for the Sr. Highers, so I'll definitely keep you posted on that. Let's see...what else... Oh, I did decided to quit teaching confirmation this year. That was a great decision. I'm going to focus on the leadership instead of actually having a group myself. And this way, I get to join a Bible Study. It'll be my first one since moving here and I'm REALLY stoked about that! So we're kind of in in-between time right now, with not a lot going on. Thanks for your patience and loyalty.

By the way, if anyone happens to find a good deal on any SLR camera's, let me know. We're in the market for a new one - two actually. Thanks. Also, Sam is busy painting - he's got a lot to get done for his Fall show. Thanks!

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Lori said...

Hey, glad for the update! Looking forward to hearing about Craft night. We are looking for a camera too. I will get Larry to email you a few sites he has found. We decided to just buy a basic pretty cheap camera to get buy until the first of next year. That way we can buy what we really want and we still have a good backup! Anyway, I'll keep you posted on CVS. Very good deals to be had!