Thursday, January 15, 2009

Burrr, I'm cold.

Cold weather... I wish we had single digits. I was actually trying to remember this morning when it was above 0 last - I couldn't remember. Today was the coldest I've ever felt in my life - You'd think when it goes below zero, it's just cold and you can't really tell a difference, but today, I got in the car and it was -38. Seriously, that is the coldest I've ever felt in my whole entire life!

OH, here's one example. I filled up a water bottle this morning in the house, before I closed it, there must have been a little water in the top because it was on it's side on the way to work this morning. Which takes about 10 minutes. When I got here, there was a FROZEN drop of water coming out of the top of my water bottle! You ever heard of it getting that cold? One drop of water freezing before it hits the ground 1 inch away????? At least, we are warming up - (minus 34) now!

I was hoping Sam would email me some pictures of the house. The other night, after shoveling - AGAIN, he took some pictures with all the Christmas lights on... I wanted to get some pictures of the snow. I don't think any of you could believe me if I told you. I wanted pictures. I've never seen so much snow in all my born days! Well, I guess I need to go get the mail - burrr.....


Have you ever been in such cold that it takes your breath away?
Have you ever had the runny nose snot in your nose freeze your nostrils together?
Have you ever had your appendages burn from the cold just from walking from the door to the car?
Have you ever walked down your shoveled sidewalk only to hit an unpacked spot and fall in up to your knee?
Have you ever left your drink in the car only to come back the next day to have it frozen solid?
Have you ever heard of a neck warmer?
Have you ever walked into the house with ice crystals in the shape of a circle where your mouth is breathing, on your neck warmer?
Have you ever had your hair freeze solid?
Have you ever had all the fluids in your car freeze, ie. brake fluid, power steering fluid?
Have you ever plugged in your car?
Did you even know that normal cars come with plugs? (We are NOT talking about hybrids here, folks!)
Have you ever kicked the snow off your shoes and some fall into the car and have it never melt for at least a month? IN the car?
Have you ever had the nicest sunniest days of the year and yet can't allow your bare skin to be exposed for fear of instant frostbite? (maybe that is a little bit of a stretch, but seriously, I'm not too far off!)

Sam, you have to admit, I did a good job of not exaggerating this time, didn't I?

PS. Anyone up for skiing???! :)

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