Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a quick tip for you!

Don't, under any circumstances, do about a million lunges in the morning and then squat to pick up something from the floor with your baby on your back in a backpack during the afternoon. Phew.... Got that off my chest. I feel better. Please - don't ask me to explain, just take my word, ok?.

Well, today, finally, the sun came out for about 3.2 seconds - well, maybe a little longer than that, because around 7pm, it was still shining outside! I couldn't believe it! It's been so dang overcast, I never even knew the sun was staying up that long these days. I thought it was still going down at 5pm! Anyway, I bundled up the Gabe man, even though it was nearly 40 degrees - that's still a bit chilly for a kid who has never seen grass! Anyway, I bundled him up and started cleaning up our trashy yard. I wouldn't even take a picture because of the shame....If only you could see it, uh, shutter, I can't even think about it. I spent a good chunk of the time taking down the Christmas decorations (and that isn't even the worst part!)

I need to go. Hoping that Sam would make it back sooner, but they were delayed in Livingston and so I'm not expecting him till 1am-ish... And Gabe was so tired, he went down at 7:30 without dinner or a bath. I'm hoping he'll wake up in the next hour or so, so that I can get him ready for bed! :) Ha! I crack myself up!

Here is a little photo from our "before" we went out to work in the yard. Would take a picture of the after, but I'm afraid the flash might wake him up! :)

By the way, Aunt Gayle - this one is for you! :)

Ready for Spring in the Tundra,



Aleycia said...

i LOVE this photo!!!

V Gayle said...

See, I knew the combo photo would be spectacular! You are both doll babies! That kid hasn't got a chance at being ordinary having such extraordinary parents.

Love you and love "my" picture!

Aunt Gayle

Anonymous said...

Sarah I just love this picture too!!! You guys are something else.

Love you