Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying again....

Not sure exactly why I am doing this, but I am blogging about a great deal. Sam is always laughing at me with the giveaways that I enter. I never win, don't really expect to, but this I thought I'd take every opportunity to enter. Not that I exactly NEEEEED this item, but how much fun would it be to WIIIIN this item?!?!?! So I'm posting a link. Not to encourage you to enter, because that would make more competition for me! ;) But hey, I'll do what I can! So check it out and see the new toy that I could be the proud new owner of! :)

Silhouette Spectacular

Desperate to win something in the Tundra,



Lori said...

Sarah, don't lose hope. I won my first giveaway a few months ago. It was a set of Birthday cards (handmade). I hope you win, but I entered to bc I would love one. I entered a diff. giveaway for the same thing last week. didn't win though.
Here's hoping your number is pulled!

Amy {Design Intervention} said...

Ohhh wouldn;t we all love to win one of those?!!! What fun! Thanks for your sweet comments about my etsy shop1 Not sure about putting camera straps in my shop - - hadn't thought about it before you mentioned it, but I would be happy to make one for you!!! Let me know what our favorite fabrics or colors are!!!