Thursday, March 3, 2011

We're going CrrrrAAAzzzYYYY!!!

One day, I was running late and had a dr.s appt. So I jumped in the shower to get ready and Sam was going to come back from his appt. to take care of Gabe. So after I got out of the shower and realized that things were strangely quiet, I snuck downstairs to see what the little Gabe man was up to. I saw two little white hands putting stuff on the step and I walked around the corner to see this little face looking up at me!I took my chances on taking a picture of him before I threw him into the tub to scrub him down with 5 minutes to spare!
I probably shouldn't have taken the time to take a picture of him, because he sat on my bench and put a gigantic white spot on it therefore ruining my fabric. Need to recover that still.... Oh well. But with a face like this, how could you be mad for long!!! Especially daddy, whose painting had deep finger gauges in it! Oops! :)

Trying to stay on top of the mischief in the Tundra,

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