Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm baaaack....

Greetings everyone - here's my pictoral walk through my yard, I forgot to take pictures of our new floor in the house, so they'll be more, but let me post this and then I'll look through Sam's computer and see if I can find anything else! Hope you enjoy our yard as much as we do!
Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff! (Translation: Someone pet me! Love me! Pet me!) Tonto says hi! I thought this was the cutest picture - I was just walking around the yard taking pictures and poor little T dog was following me just waiting for me to love on him, as usual. And he posed so perfectly. You'll notice how goofy he is because his tail is wagging like a mile a minute, that's why it's so blurry in this photo!

Amazing - these flowers came up out of no where this year! And in the garden of all places! You'll see below what we can actually grow in our garden (hint* nothing!). So we know this plant was placed right there from the Lord at the entrance of our garden as if to say - Don't give up on me! Look what I can do!

Well, here's a crooked shot of our patio - there isn't much blooming right now, peak is way over, but I thought I'd get some pictures on here - we have been delighted with the wave petunias this year. You can't see them all that well, but that would be what tha big pot of flowers by our door is. We have found the utmost solace this year in our yard. We have taken advantage of eating outside quite a bit this summer, we've had a couple friends over - it's way cooler outside as we were never home, so we never installed our window airconditioner. Sam was going to do that before he left for Chicago, but it's been good. It does get to the 90's during the day, but tonight's low is suppose to be 54! I think the summer is winding down! But it is so peaceful to come out in the morning and just sit and look at everything in the cool of the early morning - what a way to start the day!!!! Not quite ready for the Fall as of yet, but I love the cooler mornings/evenings.

Here's the steal of a deal for the summer so far! We were out rummage saleing last weekend when we came across this beautiful piller! Ok, so it may not be so beautiful right now, but I think someone tried to paint it and it didn't take so they threw it out - yep, that's right ladies and gentlemen - we found it in the garbarge for Free99! Then the pot on top we got for $5, so the whole get-up = a total of $5!!! I especially posted this for mom! (dad, don't hate me!)

Here is our first arbor that Sam built - it goes into our crazy garden where we can't grow anything but weeds, even our onions from last year came back and are BLOOMING! Oh well, we are in the process of turning it into an orchard. So far, we have an apricot tree, an apple tree, a plum tree, raspberries and strawberries - oh yeah, and A LOT of sunflowers and maybe some pumpkins and gords, we'll have to see about that. So yeah, you like this cute little arbor? Well, it blew over in a storm we had last night! It totally broke our fence and so we are going to have to be redoing it a bit, but anyway, it puts a nice facade on our otherwise unsightly garden!

This is the new arch that Sam made this year, we are still in the process of painting it. But it is at the top of our steps as you come up to the front of our house. Our driveway is in the back, so that the way we come most often, so this is the view we have most of the time!

This is the view we have of Tonto every time we come home. He's so faithful, just sitting there waiting for us!

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Beth said...

Aww, I love these!! Thanks for posting. I love staying up to date on your life. Love the new layout, too. Have a great weekend!!