Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Lord is smiling on me!

Guess what - I finally had to go to Jury Duty today... It's kind of been a nightmare the whole time. You know this was my third time being called and tomorrow Sam and I leave for our Minneapolis mission trip and so for some reason, I thought I had to call TODAY for jury duty TOMORROW. Well, they called yesterday and said I was suppose to call for today's jury duty... Well, that was kind of annoying, but ok, so I had to be there at 8:45am today. So I rush down there and get in the building by 8:45am, then I was with this whole group of people - I'm such a doofus! Anyway, so I followed them up to the 2nd floor. And no one told me where I was suppose to go, but you remember those finely tuned deductive reasoning skills I once told you about... Well, don't always trust them! So I'm standing with the whole group of people and this guy says, come over here and I'll talk to you... I'd never been before. So I walk over and he starts whispering about an assault case, etc. and all these people (probably 8 or so) are all looking at me like I'm crazy. Then finally, I'm like - Is this Jury Duty?! And the lawyer was like, No, that would be the end of the hall on the left! Hello - I was mortified! I'm listening in on these poor people's case! Ha! So I run down the hallway, now knowing I'm LATE for jury duty... And they said I had to go to the 3rd floor. So I run back to the big group of people and wait for what seems like forever for the elevator - my only option was to pass that whole group of people I was listening in on to get to the stairs, at this point, I didn't know which was worse. So finally, the elevator came and there wasn't a soul in the hallway for Jury duty. So I didn't know where to go at all... Luckily at the far end of the hallway, this guy goes, Jury Duty? I said, Yes, please. He said, it's all the way down at the other end of the hallway! Great! So anyway, I'm halfway running, when the door opens up and this older lady pokes her head out and I said, Is this where I go for Jury Duty? And she said, Are you Sarah Coleman? I said yes, and she asked me a question and let me in and said I can sit with all the other Jury Prospectives. I was so embarrassed. Anyway, so then the Clerk of Court went over the whole list of people and how far they had to drive because you get reimbursed per mile. Some of these poor people had to drive 97 miles and 50 miles round trip to get there, and here I was late and I had to travel 1 mile round trip! Oh man, it figures something like that would happen to me! So then we just sit there and finally the judge comes in and goes over the whole Jury process. I got chosen in the first 14 and we were asked a bunch of questions, then we individually had to go through and say a little about ourselves, whether we were married, where we worked and what we did for our spare time. So then the attorney's asked questions and then they got the chance to kick 4 members a piece off the jury. They only needed to get back down to 6 people. Anyway, so I was "excused" after that process. I don't know what it was about me they didn't like, but I'm sure glad they sent me home! It was a DUI case and to tell you the truth, after the morning I'd been through - I got there, and I was like - seriously? Are you really telling me that this is a DUI case, and you've just interrupted like 15 people's personal lives for THIS?! Give the woman a ticket and let's go home!!! Anyway, that's what I was thinking, the defending attorney must have gotten that vibe from me, because for some reason, he didn't want me! He's my new best friend!

So my day is back on track, an hour later... Just thought I'd update you on that exciting news! Have a great weekend! We leave tomorrow and come back next Tuesday from Minneapolis. If you could, please pray. We never have trouble with chaperone's, but Sam and I are the only ones going with about 12 students. It should be fun, but we'll both have to drive the whole way and you never get all that much sleep on these trips. Thanks!

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