Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Morning.

I know that it's been a good long while since I've posted anything, and it's probably smartest just to become a follower - thanks Sue! That was whenever I do post anything, it will come to your email and you won't have to keep checking back! But hopefully in the near future I will be posting so much more as Sam and I have wonderful news of a new addition to our family! No, not another pet - but a baby!!! Although I'm sure that everyone who actually reads this blog, already knows, but I guess I was going to make it "official!"

Anyway, I've been feeling great - in week 7 now and praying for a healthy baby. It's amazing the amount of information in this great wide world!!! It can be certainly overwhelming at times! I thought that when you got married, they would play on your emotions, of course you want this - it is the best day of your life - sure you want to see your new name plastered all over everything - the wedding industry is quite the rip off! But then comes baby!!! Now, you have a new life to be responsible for and you are so afraid to mess him/her up - that you are inundated with everything that's "good" for your baby!!! And then you start freaking out - "What if there is something better and I don't know about it??? Will I end up in therapy for the next 18 years because my kid is angry that I birthed them in the wrong position - I just know I'm going to mess this whole thing up!!!!" I think I was made for the simpler days. I was just telling a friend the other day, what happened to the times, you had your baby - they joined your family - they didn't take over your family, you taught them how to walk in the ways of the Lord, you prayed for them and you continued on this journey that God has put you on - together. Perhaps I'm a bit simple minded. But I get overwhelmed pretty easily and freaked out. So maybe the hormones have been wrecking havoc on my emotions, but these are the kinds of thoughts I've been dealing with lately - among others....

But all in all - we are very excited to welcome this new little guy/gal into our lives! Sam and I have so much fun together, it's really a shame that we don't have someone else experience it with us - so soon.... I think it's going to be a great adventure of experiencing God in a whole new way! So bring on the baby!!!

In other news, like there really is other news, but anyway.... We are headed out to Big Sky this weekend with the Sr. Highers! Finally, for the first time, I get to go and not ski - which is what I've been waiting to do pretty much my whole life. The life of a ski bum minus the ski has always intrigued me! I've been fascinated with the idea of reading/drinking coffee/tea/HC in the lodge and watching everyone else freeze themselves to death! While exhausting themselves completely! And now.... Ahhhh... It's like the best of both worlds - surrounded by the wonderful ski atmosphere, hanging out with Sr. Highers, and not actually skiing!!! (I make it out to be a big deal, but skiing isn't really all that bad. It's kind of fun actually! But I'm always up for a new adventure, and I think I'm going to settle into this one quite comfortably!)

Well, even though I still don't have pictures to share - hopefully I'll figure something out soon. I'd really like to take some pictures. Especially once we have a baby, Sam can't hog the camera all the time! ;) So for now - good tidings. We'd certainly appreciate prayers for a great pregnancy, a healthy baby - a calmness of emotions and praise for Jesus holding us in the palm of His hand!!!


Anonymous said...

I will be praying! I had a dream about you the other day. You gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She looked up at you and said, "Let's move to GA so Robin can see me" Do you think God is tell you something?

Kitchen Snitch said...

Hey, I just got back from GA. and well North Dakota is the place to be...especially if you own a camera.
Sara, we need to get you a camera and btw, you are way to worried about being a mom. While babies don't come with instruction manuels, they are pretty simple creatures, love, food, diapers, love, repeat. The first time I saw two friends of mine become three, after the wedding, I was absolutely amazed at the miracle of it all. Absolutely amazed... Someone knows how many hairs that baby has on its head.... amazing, simply amazing.... I wish I was skiing..... JC is at Bridger Bowl. See you at the Bible Study.

Beth said...

Wait til all the women you know start providing you with direction regarding breast feeding. BTW, I also think she's a girl. So in conjunction with Robin, that makes 2 of us.