Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside....

Winter has arrived! In full force! No warning baby! I think it's making up for lost time. Two weeks ago, it was 70, now, I'm so excited that it's all the way up to 4 above that it scares me! Reminds me of the day I saw this in Jamestown, ND and made Sam stop on the side of the Interstate to get a picture:

Yep, you read that right, -196 degrees. Well, it may not have been quite that cold, but pretty darn close! :) Hence, the Frozen Tundra. (Acutally, I started calling this place the Tundra long before I saw that sign!) I mean, seriously, have you ever been here in the winter? I think you should come. Just to say you've done it! How else can you wear those super cute hats, scarves, gloves, coats, long johns, wool socks, sweaters, long sleeves, etc. ALL DAY LONG - looking super cute and stylish?!

But seriously. I will post some pictures later. The trees are so beautiful. You can't beat it when the frost freezes to the trees. This place turns into a magical winter wonderland! We are braving the frigid temps to head out for some family pictures today. I hope it goes well. I think it should be fun! Stay tuned for some sneak peaks!

Well, I don't have much going on these days, well, actually I have a lot going on, that's why I can't keep up with things. I hate to even count how many loads of laundry I finally got around to folding yesterday, but pretty much my life has become dull. I have no more funny stories.

Next up, pies for Thanksgiving....

O happy day in the Tundra,


PS. There are A LOT of giveaways and great deals on the Silhouette Machine out there. Just sayin'.


Kory said...

I know I've seen that sign before! I think it may be broken. I miss ND so much. Can't wait to get back there for Christmas then hopefully permanently in the Spring. Can't wait to see the family pictures. What pies are you making? I bought a pecan pie, I made a pumpkin (which little Leo just had to stick his finger in today) and I'm going to attempt French Silk tomorrow. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Aleycia said...

Brrr!! That's what it about felt like for photos :) Had a great time with you and your family...so excited to see the photos!! You guys are awesome!