Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lookin' for some help here!

Greetings my wonderful friends! I am getting ready to do an Open House next week and need some great fingerfood ideas/recipes.

Help a sista out!

Doing some cookin' in the Tundra,



Wes said...

I have a recipie for Spice pumpkin dip, and Sarahs Salsa! Those are good places to start! lol

Aleycia said...

1. your homemade caramel...i could drink that stuff!
2. chocolate covered anythings- strawberries, orange slices, shortbread cookies, etc.
3. whatever you call those roll-up things with dried beef, pickle, and french onion dip or cream cheese goodness!
4. anything PW too :)
5. I think i need to go make myself a snack or something...this is getting a little freaky!

Kory said...

Stuffed jalapenos. Brown some sausage, mix with cream cheese and parmesan cheese and stuff into halved, seeded jalapenos. Bake until bubbly. Serve with Ranch. I think the recipe is on our website. If you make these I suggest that you were rubber gloves when doing the jalapenos. The first time I made them my hands were burning so bad after cleaning 2 dozen peppers I had to go to the pharmacy to find something to help with the pain!

Lori said...

Pepperoni Rolls you use crescent rolls, moz.cheese, egg yolk, and italian seasoning.

Fake GirlScout Mint Cookies
Take chocolate bark and melt with a drop of peppermint oil (only $1) at Walmart. Then dip ritz crackers in the chocolate and cover. Let rest on wax paper.

Have fun

Anonymous said...

Aritichoke dip served with fritos or crackers is a good one. Cream Cheese with Apricot and Hot Peper jelly over it served with crackers is good. Sausage links with barbeque or grape jelly and catsup is a easy one too.
I am sure what ever you make will be great. Hope you guys are staying warm up there.