Thursday, August 28, 2014

And I heard God speak....

Remember how I said we planned on moving to some mountain town for our big dream. Remember how I said we wouldn't be in North Dakota forever. At least I kinda hoped not. After all, I don't call it the Frozen Tundra for no reason!

After Sam talked to Trish and we found out so much more information on Circle C Ranch, I literally heard the Lord talk to me... Like literally. You want to know what He said?

Just like someone sitting right there, He said, "Sarah, if this is my plan for you, will you be content to live in ND for the rest of your life?" Whoa. That completely stopped me short.

But the answer was "YES" - because I might not know much, but I do know this much - I'd much rather be smack dab in the CENTER OF GOD'S WILL than in paradise doing my own thang!!!

So that's where we were, saying yes to whatever God threw our way! And I'm here to tell you, it's been no walk in the park! We had a look at Circle C Ranch Homestead and were smitten. Most people, ok, all the people who had a look at it thought we were nuts! It had the history, the character, the space, the views, our dreams - all in one spot!

There was one obvious problem.

Trish owned 340 acres. And lived there for her whole life. So she couldn't sell her home and 40 acres to us without selling the rest of the land. This is her life savings. Her only income. And she had to split it 50% with her sister. So that's where we were. Sitting on our dream property - lead here by the Lord and stopped short by 300 acres. Doesn't seem to be that big of a deal, right? Anyone would probably want to buy that land. But that was the problem, we couldn't have just anyone buy the land.

Remember our original dream? The retreat center? The coffee shop? Circle C Ranch, the ministry, already owns a log cabin office, a church and an indoor arena. So we needed to find someone to buy the land who had a vision for the ministry and wanted to see it succeed! If you've been following ND news at all - you know we are sitting in the middle of PRIME REAL ESTATE! I heard someone say that rent up a little north of here is more expensive than LA and NYC right now. That's what we are dealing with. The whole world is in this financial crisis and we are having to close businesses because we can't find help. There is a help wanted sign in every business and restaurant in town! It's crazy!

So you want to hear about our amazing God and how He provides?

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V Gayle said...

The Circle C is a God thing. It is exciting to see what God has planned for you here through your obedience to his calling. Such clear purpose and direction. We are so blessed to be along for the journey! Love you guys!