Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The saga continues....

Here's a great story! Sam decided that our little house on the hill in Mandan wasn't cutting it anymore. He decided our kids need to roam free in the country, like he did. That is all well and good, but on a youth pastor/artist/stay at home mom salary, I didn't really feel like that was really going to be all that realistic! (SOMEONE had to keep it real!)

So despite my objections, the next thing I knew, we had two little kids in the realtors office looking at properties...

Here's kinda how it went:

Me: Don't touch that!

Me: Sit down!

Sam: We want about 40 acres with old buildings. And a big red barn. I want to turn it into a studio.

Me: Don't climb on that!

Realtor: What you really want is 40 acres and to build brand new buildings.

Me: Don't touch that!

Sam: Well, we like the history and character of OLD.

Realtor: That's not very efficient and with the way you can build new buildings now, you can make them look old.

Me: Sit down!

In the middle of this very stimulating experience, Sam received a text from a good friend of ours wanting to know what we were doing.... in the realtors office looking for a farm..... He said we should contact this lady north of town... a few years ago she was selling some land........

Sam: Well, thank you very much! Let us know if you find anything!

Sarah: Yep, thanks, and sorry about the crayon all over your desk.

Realtor: We'll find the perfect thing for you guys!

Fast forward, like literally 1 hour 35 min.....

Sam told me that he called the lady our friend was talking about. "It was crazy," he said. "Guess where she lives?"

I dunno know.

"Circle C Ranch."


Then he started telling me a little about the place... Her family homesteaded this place a hundred years ago and in the 80's, it used to be this functioning youth camp. Kids would come and learn rodeo skills, sleep in teepees and learn all about Jesus! But that wasn't it's original purpose.

Originally, Trish had plans for it to be a retreat center with a coffee shop, art gallery, ice cream shop, etc. She actually had the plans drawn out and everything!


She said that she thought she would live her entire life here, but the Lord had just been preparing her heart in the last six months and telling her it was time to move.


Circle C Ranch - where Christ is the center of all things. Coleman ranch for those who didn't even care about the Lord - it would span both types of people. Kind of creepy the way things were shaping up!!!

We went to look at it. We drove over the hill - the first thing we saw - a BIG RED BARN! and talk about history - well, we'll have to go there another day, this post is already getting too long!


Anonymous said...

looking forward to more of the story of this crazy (in a nice way) Coleman crew!!

Jesse Clark said...

So, cousin, are y'all buying this property? I could call your mom, of course, and get the scoop, but I like the way you write.

Jesse Clark