Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back in the Saddle Again....

Well, here we are, back in the saddle again, like literally this time! We've moved to a ranch - WHA? That's right, whether people read this or not, I've decided that I need to start writing just to testify what God is about here in North Dakota! So here we go again!

First up, the history: Did you know that before Sam and I even met each other, God had put a similar dream in each of our hearts?

From my perspective, which is the only one you get here :)

The Lord laid on my heart to be involved in a conference center/retreat center. I really want to be involved in a place where families can come and connect and get away from the distractions of their lives. I want a place where couples can come to some Christ-centered marriage retreats. A place where fathers and sons can focus on doing things that bring them closer and develop their relationships. And that's the start of it. Seemed like a big dream. One I kind of put on the shelf because how in the world could it ever come to fruition......

And then I met Sam..... all of a sudden EVERYTHING seems possible! But I digress! Anyway, as it turns out, the Lord had given Sam a similar dream! 

So together we got a plan - Sam would develop his art and eventually we would move to Wyoming or Montana where his art could finance this whole dream! North Dakota was temporary. 

Or so I thought. and hoped. 

I will continue the saga, but in the meantime, here's an update on our family since I see I haven't posted since our #1 was just born - now we have 3!

They are pretty cute, if I do say so myself! Stay tuned for more stories and pictures!

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The Perreca Family said...

I love seeing and hearing about what's going on with you and your sweet family!!