Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blizzarding... and flooding???

Ok, where do I begin? One foot of snow and counting. But wait, that was after last weeks 8 inches on Tuesday and then the river getting an ice jam and forcing half the city of Bismarck to evacuate their homes and sand bag all over town!!! PS. We are doing better, but now Fargo and Moorhead are in deep dooky! The only problem with F/M area is NOT an ice jam, they just have TONS of snow melt and water flooding the Red River. So we are praying for a breech. Last week, they shut down the East bound lanes of I94 from Jamestown to Fargo to help people evacuate Fargo! They were bringing people to Bismarck to house them at the Civic Center, the local high schools and colleges. So I don't know. I'm so jealous of everyone one in the entire country that get to see their plants popping through and getting ready for the Spring. I want to show you some pictures from yesterday's walk... But alas, I need to get them off of Sam's camera! Oh well...

Well, don't really know what else to share with you right now, All I want is to be at home having hot cocoa and working on some projects... Oh well, a girls got to do what a girls got to do!!!

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