Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I know I need to update....

But I'm back at the point where I still need a camera. It's been a nightmare getting the one I received for Christmas/V-day... All the companies that Sam calls gives him the run around. I'm quite disappointed to tell you the truth. I'm so out of the loop and have not gotten enough practice in photography to really feel like I can do a very good job. So I just don't know what to do. I'm kind of discouraged. So that's that. I'd much rather post notes with pictures.

I'd take pictures of life in ND at the commencement of Spring. The insane blizzarding and at the same time, flooding - who would have thunk it? It's crazy around here. But the last few days have been so nice - 60's and yesterday, we even jumped into the 70's! Sam's excited about the pond that he is putting in our yard. I'd take all kinds of pictures of that documenting the buying of the pond liner and what a great deal we got on it, then the ground breaking, the figuring out that we have a drain pipe that goes straight through our lawn and so we can't actually use the pond liner that we got such a great deal on and had to buy another more flexible one! I'd document that two days ago, I spend the day scooping up all the piles of delight that Tonto left us over the summer, even if you didn't want to see it - I'd document it, dang it!!! Yesterday, I raked the yard... and went maternity clothes shopping. I'd document how much I HATE shopping for clothes, but how WONDERFUL my husband is to throw me in the dressing room and proceed around the store for a full hour and a half bringing me clothes to try on, making me come out with every single one telling me yes or no! Isn't he wonderful??? Then in the end, go through all the clothes and decide which ones to buy, and then haul them all off and buy them for me!

I'd show you how we sat out on our steps till 9pm last night, watching the sun go down, the birds flitting around, the grass growing, all the while, Tonto was happily perched between us waiting for the opportunity to get loved on by Sam. I don't know how many of you know just how much Sam doesn't really like dogs. T-dog, he likes ok, except when he's bad and runs away - then he decides he hates dogs and especially T! Sam, for the artist fellow that he is, doesn't really like to be dirty. Imagine that. So everytime he sticks his hands in the dirt, he runs off to wash them. He'll only pet Tonto, when he knows he's immediately going in to Shower - it's really sooo funny!!!

I'd show you the little bits of green poking their cute little heads through our moist, rich soil that is so beautiful!!! I'd show you how ND looks like northern MN with all of it's "lakes" aka flooded fields!!! The whole state has been flooding - there is even flooding over the interstate! Go figure!!! I guess that's what happens when you live in a flat state!

So just know, there are a lot of things I would show you. I think I'm going to break down and buy a point and shoot, my life is just too exciting NOT to document! :)

Also, to put a little plug in - Sam is having MAJOR problems with his external hard drive - as in, he can't access it. There are over 16,000 photos on it, and that is basically his reference for his art and if it's not completely ruined, it may cost quite a bit of $$ to get it fixed. Please pray that they can retrieve all the images and that Sam can get back to painting. He's got a show next week and has about 5 paintings to finish. (Although, that's not going to happen because of this hard drive situation...) Just pray that he can get the motivation to finish what he's started and can finish...

And the last thing - I hope you all had a very wonderful Easter. It didn't really feel too much like Easter here in the Tundra! I never will get it - how they have a sunrise service every single year in a sanctuary that has NO WINDOWS?! If you get that, maybe you can let me know the reasoning behind it??? It's always so cold and barren here for Easter - there are not many reminders of new life, so you really have to use your imagination! But I'm so thankful for all that my Lord and Savior has done for me - with the sobering realization that if I were the ONLY one here on earth, God still would have sent His only SON here just to die that I might have eternal life and be with Him forever! Sorry for the long boring, picture-less post! But hopefully someday, in the future, we will go color!!!!


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