Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Entertaining Angels?

Last night was our last Garden Tour of the Summer. The summer is winding down here, that's for sure. I guess it was 100 degrees for a couple days while we were away, but it's been chilly since we've been home. I guess yesterday it did get up to 80, but mostly staying in the 70's. Everyone says it's going to be another early, cold winter. I don't know if I'm really ready for that! In fact, I know I'm not ready for that - I'll tell you what I AM ready for - all this Global Warming that everyone and their mother keeps talking about! Bring it on baby!!!

Well, anyway, it was a perfect evening for touring people's yards. I have no idea how they make their yards just so perfect. I have an idea that they don't plant things 2 inches away from each other so that at the end of the first season, the plant bed looks like it's been there for 30 years. That's just ONE idea. Sam says he's probably going to have to dig up every plant and space them a little better - I don't guess now would be the most appropriate time to say - "I told you so." So I'll just let it rest at that.

On a whole other note - did you know that my husband has a soft spot for hitch hikers? It's true, he picked up countless numbers of them during his college years and hauled them between Bismarck and Minneapolis. He's had some interesting adventures in talking to a lot of them. Most of them were aching to get out of the car once it slowed down to a mere 30 mph. It was also usually by the time Sam got to the salvation message. I'm not sure if it had to do with the way the conversation was going or if it was just his driving. The jury is still out on that one! :) So last night, on our way to a Garden, we saw a fella holding up a street corner with the following sign - "More then Willing To Work - Renovation by trade but will even clean toilets" He was a clean cut individual, looking to be in his 50's? 60's? Sometimes you can never tell. What's their story anyway? What brings them to standing on the corner of the biggest road in Bismarck with a sign like that? Bad choices? Bad luck? Unfortunate circumstances? You just never know. It's a wonder he didn't think we were stalking him. We drove past about 15 times and then went and parked in a parking lot across from him. Sam's heart went out to this fella. He wanted to talk to him. I'm a lot more selfish. I was sitting there figuring, how in the heck are we going to pay this fella to do jobs around our house that we could do ourselves? Where are we going to let him sleep? I don't especially want to bring a stranger home tonight. I'm tired. Why do I have to deal with this? Meanwhile, my soft hearted husband is sitting beside me thinking - we just got paid some unexpected money from some art that sold. We have those steps that need to be painted. He could sleep downstairs. I wonder what his story is. Why does he have a cane? Who can I connect him with to get him a job? I just want to talk to him. How do I get over there to talk to him? So you can see a little glimpse into the life of a Saint and Sinner. The whole time, scriptures are running through my head - taking care of the least of these my brethren... entertaining angels unaware... don't worry about tomorrow... look how I take care of the lilies of the field. I could go on. But you already have enough of a glimpse of my utter selfishness. So then Sam said outloud - How are you suppose to talk to him, just pull over on the ramp of the interstate - I just want to talk to him. And from somewhere else inside of me came - You could pull into that parking lot and walk over and talk to him.... Hello - where did that come from? So Sam immediately goes and parks and as soon as he did, this fella picks up all his stuff and starts walking toward us. I start praying - God, protect us. May your will be done and not mine. Sam jumped out and talked to him. He was sleeping right there in some bushes by an old abandoned building. He was clean cut. He was from Butte, MT. He was desperately looking for work. While Sam was talking to him, a little Native American girl came running over to give him some money. He graciously and embarrassingly took it. I'm more convicted. But I'm getting more excited about helping this fella and I'm especially thankful for such a wonderful, sensitive husband. He had a cell phone. They exchanged numbers. Sam told him we had a little work, but not much - he said, he didn't care. He'd do anything - except work for crazy people, he'd done that. He said he'd be ready first thing in the morning - give him a call. This morning I woke up and reminded Sam to not forget about his friend, LR. I don't know what happened today. It rained. He can't paint outside in the rain. Sam had staff meeting this morning. I don't know what's happened with LR or if he's even still around. Heck, he could be at my house painting treacherous steps down to the road. But let me tell you - I had a lesson in trusting the Lord last night. It was a hard one. Maybe we ended up helping LR, maybe not - but God certainly used him last night to teach me to trust Him and not when it's convenient and fun. But there are people who have needs for whatever reason all the time. To be on the look out for them - just like Sam is. Every morning, Sam and I pray for opportunities to serve others - here was a perfect example - and I think the lesson comes like this - whether you actually serve or help someone is besides the point, the point is to just be WILLING to. Be sensitive to the Lord's leading. Whew. Wow, that was hard. Thanks for letting me share my lesson with you. I hope you have a fantastic day finding lots of ways to see the Lord working around you!

Also, I wanted to update you on the status of my mom. She goes into to visit with her Oncologist tomorrow. I think she's decided to just do the radiation and hormone therapy, not the chemo. So I would like to continue asking for prayers for her healing and that she would be confident in her decision. That she would not be anxious through radiation (5 days/week for 5-6 weeks) that she's not going to make it to Bismarck in time for Baby Coleman to arrive. (Please don't pray that he's late either. Thanks!) Pray that the Lord's promised healing hand would be on her and give her the peace that passes all human understanding - just as He promises! Isn't it wonderful that we serve such an amazing God???

Humbled in the Tundra,


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