Thursday, October 21, 2010

At it again!

First of all, I wanted you to see what we had to work with!

And look at the amazing job we did!

HA! Actually, I crack myself up! I only did this, because these are some good family friends of ours and we can! We have such a good time with them, and I'm glad we had a chance to give them some really good family shots, especailly with 4 boys, ages 19-11 or so...

Anyway, I just finished up a couple of Seniors and just working on two more and then I'll be all caught up and can start working on the Gabe man's pictures! We did finally get to celebrate his birthday with a "Pumpkin Fest" the other night and we have a little video, so I'll get that posted for you as soon as I rescue my other camera out of Sam's car. He's always taking it to get duck hunting pictures - *GAG* ! Anyway, just wanted to send out a little post and let you know we are still enjoying the Fall!

Getting ready to go out and celebrate our 5th year anniversary a day early since Sam has an overnighter tomorrow night!

Makin' the most of Life in the Tundra,


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