Friday, October 15, 2010

As you can see, we've been at it again! S2 Photography is getting out and enjoying the Fall to the maximum! Here is another great family we had the priviledge of photographing! I hope they love their family pictures as much as we loved taking them!
On another, more kitchen-y note. I haven't forgotten about the bread pudding recipe that I need to post. I promise, I will still do that. In fact, it keeps getting moved to my most recent "to-do" list. But I have been baking like a mad woman! And I have more yet to do! So hang in there with me.
Also, still editing photos! There will be many more to come!
So thanks for your patience. By the way, the Gabe man is walking, walking, walking, more and more every day! We need more videos of him crawling because I think he'll give that up and we'll never see it again! Alright. Check in lata!
Livin' it up in the Tundra,

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