Sunday, October 3, 2010

More videos....

My computer uploads these pretty fast, so here are some more from yesterday!

And here is more bath time fun, except Gabe did just like kids do - smiling and laughing and talking and then as soon as the camera goes on.......well...... boring!!!!

And here we have my main squeeze, Sam the Man!!! Today is our Papa's Pumpkin Patch Potluck time-o-fun! So here's my cowboy, all ready and dressed to lead the games and have a blast! How about that - it hasn't even started yet, and you see him here, first!!! By the way, that's our pond in the background, Aunt Gayle. Looking a bit shabby right now but we like it!!!

Well, I'm making a chicken casserole and Mom's Bread pudding. As soon as that comes out, I'll get you the recipe, because I hate bread pudding, but this, why this would even make the Pioneer Woman's heart beat a little faster! (Even though it doesn't call for butter, I'm sure you could throw a bit on the side!!!)

Livin' up the Fall in the Tundra,



Lori said...

Love it. Love it. Love it!!!!! Happy Birthday to the little guy. He is sooo cute!!! Good to hear your voice on the video. Love, Lori

Wes said...

Cool Vids! I want the Bread pudding recicpe too!