Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Morning!

Just thought I would send a quick little update here.

I just wanted to say that it's sprinkling in the Tundra. Not too much to report. Ultra sound is at 2:30pm today, so big news coming later!

Let's see what else - Oh, we had our Garden Club Plant Auction last night. They changed it around a bit and a lot more people came to the auction - a lot more high spenders, I should say, came to the auction. They were buying small plants that they could definitely get for cheaper somewhere else. But whatever. We didn't end up buying anything at the auction - but here's the highlight!! They had their .25 cents up to $3.00 tables. It was all marked off and they stopped the auction half way through and took down the caution tape and let people in to buy whatever they wanted off the cash n carry tables! Well, Sam was in there like a crazy man! We were buying plants for 3 people's yards and so one minute I was talking to him, the next minute, he was seriously 10 feet away from me - we started stashing our goods in the corner - we ended up with about 20+ plants for about $14! What a steal of a deal!

Anyway, we also visited with a friend - Tiffany and got a bunch more plants from her! Don't you just love being able to share these things?! Well, not too much else to report...

Have a great day! From the springy Tundra,

Love, Sarah

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