Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day....May Day.....

How many of you celebrate May Day? That is not a rhetorical question, although I'm guessing that most of you think that ALL the questions I ask are rhetorical, but alas, they are NOT! So feel free to answer any question you feel fit to be answered. Here's a little lesson on question asking - there is a long story, but my Mom was so good about teaching us how to be interested in things and other people! So I ask questions for a reason, not just to hear myself talk - believe you me, I've got plenty of things to say to hear myself talk, I don't have to ask questions into thin air for that! So seriously? How many of you celebrate May Day? Did you even know it was a holiday that COULD be celebrated? I didn't. Not until last year. What happened last year you might say? (See you are getting better, I could hear you answer the question on that one!) Anyway, I got off work to go home and spend the beautiful afternoon with my most amazing husband and darned if he wasn't home. And then I gave him a call and he said he probably wouldn't be home for hours. He was busy (He was also being very vague!). That was kind of very irritating to me! Anyway, I stayed home doing who knows what - and then surprise beyond surprises, the Love of my life comes home bearing the biggest basket ever known to womankind and filled with all kinds of treasures - just for me!!! Chapsticks, necklace, flowers, scent thingys - needless to say, all the things a girl just loves! And I look at him, and I'm like - what the heck? What's this all about? He says, it's May Day - it's your May Day Basket! like, Duh, I'm suppose to know what that is? But you can bet your bottom dollar that I LIKE it! Then I find out later on, this is how the tradition goes... You make a little basket filled with goodies for your sweetheart, or someone you are sparking on - and then you sit it at their door and ring the doorbell - then you RUN! Your sweetheart is suppose to catch you and if she catches you, she gets to give you a kiss! Now I didn't really know about this part of the tradition because my sweetheart never ran from me! That's right, he hung around making it pretty darn easy for me to catch him - if you know what I mean! :) That's right, he was rewarded with a big ole' kiss!!! So now, guess what? I LOVE May Day! Even though I totally forgot about it until I got to work and saw what day it was. So I'm not expecting that much this year - that's what makes our marriage so spontaneous and wonderful!!! :) You just never know! HA!

How about that little lesson on May Day? Very interesting, huh? Well, I think that is enough for a little lesson today. Not too much going on - this weekend Sadie and Nathan and Ethan are coming home and we are going to spend the day doing Ruth's to-do list as a Mother's Day present since none of us will be here next weekend. So that should be interesting. Needless to say, I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories for you on Monday! Have a great May Day! Make a basket for someone that you love!

From the now sunny but extremely windy Tundra,

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Aleycia said...

What a great May-Day story. I forgot the date until I read your blog. We didn't have a big tradition, but I can remember making baskets on a few occasions and putting them on friends' doors, ringing the bell, and disappearing...none of that kissing stuff! I vaguely remember decorating a tree once with ribbons as a little girl.

Beth said...

Sounds like a fun tradition and a very romantic "honey". :) Thanks for introducing me to this fine tradition which I must admit I was oblivious to.

Lori said...

Great idea! I will have to remember it for next year. I love it.