Friday, May 22, 2009

One totally cool thing I forgot to add!

Ok. Here's just a side note, and when it happened, I was like - I totally need to tell the world how cool this is!!! And then I forgot - I'm such a doofus!

Anyway, for those of you in the South, from the South or at least familiar with the South - will be aware of a WONDERFUL, DELIGHTFUL, SCRUMPTIOUS little fast food joint called Chik-fil-A! I LOVE this place! Anyway, we don't have any up here in the Tundra and it's the one restaurant that I actually miss. It's probably a good thing that we don't have them... but that's a side note. So on our trip down to Texas, there were Chik-fil-A's taunting me the whole way, we were in a rush and there was never one nearby when it was time to stop... So when we got to the middle of nowhere for Tdub's wedding, I figured my hope of Chik-fil-A was dashed. Oh well, I can live with disappointment.

Here's the kicker - Tdub's father-in-law owns ALL the Chik-fil-A's in Midland, Texas! And so do you want to know what we had as an appetizer at Katie and Tdub's wedding? Chik-fil-A nuggets!!!! Not to mention the Chik-fil-A chicken salad I had on Friday! Throw in some waffle fries and a sweet tea and I'm in 7th Heaven, baby!

Anyway, it was a little silly, but I just couldn't help showing you how much God loves me - even though I'm easily amused and a little simple! :)

Tell me about some little way that God takes care of your little whimsy's!!!!! It's time to hear from someone else!

Concentrating on the amazing things in the Tundra,


Ok, one more thing and I promise to stop, unless something else way cool happens! Alright, you ready for this? Let me give you a little history.
1. Sam is an artist
2. Medora is the only touristy town in ND
3. We LOVE Medora
4. It's not only an old west town, surrounded by the majestic ND Badlands, a bunch of the shops there carry Sam's art - and sell it!
5. Medora is re-building a fancy new hotel (it houses a 5 star chef in the summer months)
6. People actually come from all over to stay there
7. They need a BIG painting to put over the fancy new fireplace in the fancy new hotel
8. The director of the whole Medora Foundation had Sam and I over to dinner to discuss the possibility of throwing his name into the hat for the bid for this painting.
9. They were super nice people.
10. There are tons of good ND artists.

and all that to say.....

Sam won the bid! So he gets to paint a gigantic, beautiful badlands scene for over the fireplace in this fancy new hotel where guests from all over the country will be exposed to some amazing art!!!! And if that's not amazing enough - he gets paid for it! YAY!!!! God is good! So Sam is out in the Badlands meeting with the Director of the Medora Foundation right now to look at the spot and get ideas for his painting. I'm so bummed that I couldn't go with him, but I have to get the house clean.

We leave on Monday for the Turtle Mountain with the 4th-6th graders and don't come back till Thursday. Then on Friday, a friend of Sam's from college is coming with his wife to stay for the weekend, so I need to have a semi-clean house for them to stay in! But rejoice with me! God is taking care of our needs as they arise - isn't He amazing???


Lori said...

God is so good!!! Amazing. I am sure Sam will do a wonderful painting.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to Sam! I am going to have Chik Fil A tonight.


Anonymous said...

Sarah and Sam,

Yes God is great! It is neat how he works. That is just awsome about Sam getting to paint the picture. I know it will be beautiful and he will be able to share God's beauty with so many folks that come through that hotel. I can understand your desire for Chick Fil A. I used to feel that way about Sonic but we finally have a couple in Fredericksburg but the kids and I still have to stop and get Lemon Berry Slushes when we drive south.
Have a great day!