Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank you kindly...

I LOVED all your responses about your May Day baskets and before I go any further - please let me apologize by saying that May Day is not JUST FOR SWEETHEARTS!!!! For friends and family and just all the special people in your life! I only mentioned sweethearts because I was introduced to the tradition by my particular sweetheart and have only experienced it in that fashion! So, okay? Is everyone okay with that???

With that being said, remember how I said I wasn't expecting that kind of basket this year because that's what makes my marriage unpredictable and spontaneous? Well, does it count that I can predict it? Oh well. The fact is that you just never know! (Sam didn't even know it was May 1!) Well, I decided that I needed to get the May Day basket. After that whole post, I was inspired! What can I say, I'm pretty inspiring! :) Anyway, Sam has been craving milkshakes since the day I got pregnant. I just don't know what it is, but everyday, he looks at me and says, "Couldn't you go for a milkshake today?" Not really, but whatever. So poor thing, he's resigned himself to making milkshakes at home, but let's get serious, they are never as good with cheap ice cream and skim milk - what's the point, right?!?! So for May Day, I stopped over at Lowe's, Sam's all time favorite store in the Spring (just for the great deals on plants, not the hardware stuff, yucky...) And I picked up a great bleeding heart plant for him, knowing that he wanted one for this one spot right next to the pond. And then I head on over to... can you the suspense killing you yet??? Cold..... Stone..... Creamery! You guessed it - for the best milkshake in town!!! Ok. I don't know if you've ever had a milkshake at Cold Stone Creamery, but you should. Even though just walking into the store fills your senses with calories - but they don't really count on May Day, right?! So that would be one Carmel Latte Milkshake for the Love of my life, please! Thank you! I took my treasures home and gave them to Sam and you would have thunk I was the best thing since sliced bread! Seriously, after that response, I decided that it's going to be May Day once a week!!! Boo ya!!! When the Bible say's "It is more blessed to give than to receive", God wasn't kidding! It feels great to make someones day, even with a simple plant and a milkshake!? Go figure! So that's my May Day story!

Guess what I did on Saturday? Castrated Sheep. I've never said that before - I castrated sheep on Saturday. Well, ok, technically I didn't do the castrating of the sheep, I just did the holding of the sheep during the castrating process. Believe me, it was education enough for me! For Mother's Day, since we weren't going to be in town, Sam came up with the grand idea that we would all go out and help Ruth with whatever she wanted done. So Sam, Nathan, Johnny, Judah and Charlie cleaned 6 months worth of poop out of stalls and Sadie and I banded tails, privates, injected antibiotics, and tagged lambs. Until Ethan woke up - and then I got to watch him! Oh the joys of being pregnant!!!!

After that, we showered and took off to a friends house to take pictures of some prom attendees. I should post a couple pictures, if I get them off of Sam's camera! Then we headed off to X-Men (Wolverine)...interesting flick. Then back to Grand March to see more prom people! Then on Sunday, we headed down to McGlaughlin, SD to work with our mission church there. That was a great day. We went with our Small Group and had such a great time! Sunday's weather was perfect, a sunshiney, non windy day! That is a rare phenomenon in ND!!! But we are busily preparing for our trip South... getting very excited about heading out and going to help TW Chapman celebrate his wedding!!!! Yay T-Dub and Katie!!!!!

Well, until the next adventure in the Tundra,



Nicole said...

Oh for pete's sake! You are one loyal daughter-in-law.

Lori said...

You are soooo funny!! I love the sheep story. You crack me up!