Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Morning!

Good Morning Folks,

Just wanted to stop by and say so far, no baby. Things are progressing, but slowly at this point. Everyone has been giving me pointers on how to make the baby come sooner, but frankly, I think he got wind of life OUTSIDE with the womb with Mom and Dad and he's decided he might like to stay INSIDE for a bit longer! :)

I did want to show you a couple senior pictures - now, just remember, these are straight out of the camera, but they were just too good not to share... I'll be working on editing them here pretty soon, so keep in touch for more!!!

Before.....ahhhh, what a cutie patootie!

and after..........hahahahahahahahahahahaha

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist! He totally fell in by accident! I love it!!!

Hope that brought a smile to your face like it did mine!

Waiting for a baby in the Tundra,



Rhonda said...

okay, so here is the doula coming out in me....I hope that I don't get on your everlasting nerve. Due dates are a crock bc they are almost always wrong. Don't let it get you down. As long as your amniotic fluid is okay, baby is okay, and you are okay, baby will come when God is ready for him to come. Hang in there girl. These last few days are so full of anticipation, but they will be ending soon. You will be holding that little munchkin before you know it. Get some rest and enjoy your beautiful days in the Tundra!

erinn said...

thanks for the good laugh sarah :) it was very much appreciated.reading your blog is always a treat. cant wait for baby coleman to come! you and sam are going to be amazing parents :)