Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Follow up from the weekend....

I was actually really busy at work yesterday and didn't even have the time to download my pictures, much less even blog about my treasures. (Not that there is too much to say.) I think we are getting a little too picky for Yard Sales. *Gasp*, did I say that out loud. I don't really think I meant it. It's just that sometimes when your house becomes so full of real junk, it's hard to see the treasure-ness in items you might find on the yard sale route! I think this change of heart is really telling me that I need to do some purging of the junk in my house, so that I can make room for more! I think one problem is that Sam is a little bit of a pack-rat and coupled with the fact that I can tend toward the pack-rat side (after all, my mom's theory on life is "Why buy one, two is better!"!), brings on much stuff! But it's so dang much fun!!!

Maybe you ask where do we even find these yard sales? Well, here's a good spot to start!

Seriously, why advertise in the paper when you have this opportunity?!

Now, here's a look at the good ole' days. The only problem here is that I didn't want these parents to think I was stalking their children, but come on - you are going to let your kids do this? Be ready for some pictures, they were so enthusiastic that we didn't even look at the rummage sale, we only stopped for....

That's right - you guessed it - LEMONADE!!!! .25 cents a cup, baby! I was trying to get a picture of Sam actually at the stand, but especially my bending-over-to-get-the-camera reflexes are a little slow these days!

Now here is a classic example of a drive-by!

But in light of the situation, (this is Sam's mom, moving her stuff from one rummage sale location to another) we stopped to load up her, ummmm..... treasures. Right, treasures.

We found many more drive-by's this year than ever before. Like I said, we are getting a little more selective about our time and treasures. Plus, getting in and out of the car that many times might just have put me into labor! We did find a couple things. A small stroller and two little bean bag chairs - one is a lady bug and the other is a bumble bee!!! Craziness, since that's exactly what our nursery is decorated like! Speaking of, I will promise to take some pictures today of the nursery because at this point, you never know when I may have to take a leave of absence from my blog and leave you high and dry! :) It's ok, we'll go through the detoxing together! :)

Should I, or should I not??? I'm pretty excited about a couple of senior photo's that I've been tinkering around with for Erik! I think I will post one of my favorite's so far to give you a taste of what's to come - let me know what you think Erik?!!!

Well, that should more than make up for some of my posts with no pictures! Don't forget to vote on my Giveaway post... You have a great chance of winning since I don't have many entries right now. And seriously, people, I don't want Sam to get a complex thinking that no one wants his art - he's very excited about this giveaway!

Alrighty then, trying to figure out how to get ready for a baby in the Tundra,

Love, Sarah


Nicole said...

I loved, loved, loved the yard sale photos. The one of Erik? Well, that's up for debate. By the way, it has nothing to do with your ability to take the photo...it's mostly your choice in subject.

Anonymous said...

is this your idea of a come back nicole? weak sauce. i would have expected better of you this late in the game.

but sarah, i love that one! you guys are the best!
Erik Jensen