Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good morning and greetings, Fans!

Ha, I crack myself up! Well, we've had quite a busy last few days! Hopefully I can show you a little of what we've been up to! And on a side note - I'm sorry to those of you who have picked dates for little Jr. to arrive up to this point - he's still comfy and cozy tucked away inside! It's getting closer, I CAN assure you of that fact! :)

Let me think if I can remember what we did over the weekend. Oh, Saturday was just a regular busy, uneventful day, but Sunday, we knew we were going to have a busy day, so... we took our Sunday drive on Saturday and I can't explain to you the situation we were in, so I hope to illustrate it.

Just to start my pictorial example, it all started with this. We were just driving. No one said anything. Then Sam pipes up - "Don't ask me where we're going, because I don't know."

(PS. It's a video, so click the arrow to PLAY)

Ummm..... I told Sam that I didn't really figure he knew where he was going, but secretly, I was just thankful that we weren't in my van! :) By the way, yes, that's Tonto running on ahead - his only trick is staying ahead of Sam but he never wants to get left behind, so every once in a while, he slows down to make sure we're still there - "Better keep going, T!"

Anyway, we got to a little pickle and Sam had to decide if we could even continue, so this is his verdict....

Uhhh, guess that was a - NO!

So here's one more video on getting out of where we never knew we were going in the first place!

So now you have it folks! A little taste of our Sunday drives and maybe you understand a little better why folks are always wondering about the status of our vehicles! But hey, it's fun! And quite the adventure!!!

Sunday..... we had a busy day - we had church in the morning, and then a meeting, and after that, the most amazing wonderful ladies put on a baby shower for me! And then we finished up the evening with a Crossfire Bonfire! (Crossfire is our Jr. High Ministry!) So besides a little 20 minute opportunity to run home and lay down for a couple minutes, we were out and about all day! And just so you know, Sam didn't come to the Baby Shower. He used his time off to head up to Center, ND for Prairie Days. Thought there would be a link for it, but I guess not. Anyway, if you want to hear all about that adventure, well, you'll just have to ask Sam, but he never submits on this blog, so he misses out on telling his story, or version, or defend himself, or whatever. But that's his problem - not mine! :) So back to me! The baby shower was so nice - the Youth decorated downstairs at church - it looked so nice - I've got pictures, don't you worry! We had yummy goodies, one of my Sr. High girls made the cake - amazing! She's the same one who made my birthday cake, if you remember that. Bridget Hineman - remember that name! She'll be the next famous chef/baker on one of these reality shows - or in a famous restaurant - maybe not in a restaurant because she wants to go into Dermatology and I don't know about you, but something tells me that cooking and skin diseases just don't go together. So I don't know how she's going to work all that out, but believe me - she's amazing, she'll figure it out! Ok, I digress! Where was I.... oh yeah, the baby shower - there were 40+ of the most precious ladies in the world all gathered together in one room just to celebrate this new life in me! Talk about overwhelmed!!! Those ladies had me opening presents for an hour straight while they got to visit with each other - I didn't even get to visit with all of them, but I can't tell you how much I appreciated their presence (presents)! Such sweet, sweet people! Let me stop rambling and show you some pictures!

Yep, that's the famous "Bridget!"

This is Kari Knudson sharing a devotional while Sam was still there. She is one of the wonderful gals that put this shin dig on - I can't even begin to tell you what a treasure she is... Be on the look out - this picture is just a tame version of her - you'll see her wild side come out in a few pictures!

Lots of wonderful food!!!!

Just some of the wonderful people there!

Here's the thing - I caught Kari acting very suspicious. She told me she found the camera I'd put away and I warned her that whatever pictures she took WILL be showing up on the Internet. So I consider that a fair warning, don't you? So feast your eyes on the REAL Kari!!! This is what I found on my camera!!!

There you have it folks! I wish I had pictures from the other showers that my precious friends gave me, but alas, that was BEFORE I had a camera, so we all miss out! But Katie, Sadie and Ruth gave me a family/relative and close family friends shower back in May, which was really nice. And then I had another one when I went home in July, with my precious peeps from back in VA - that was a hootin' hollerin' good time! It always is with those ladies!!!

Do you think this post has gone on long enough? Are you sick of my life yet? I haven't even started on what we've done this week so far! HA!

On a more serious note, I don't know if you know that Sam is going back to school for his Master's in Pastoral Counseling. He started his class on Monday and I think he's feeling quite a bit overwhelmed, if you can please pray for him, I'd sure appreciate it. He's got a lot on his plate right now with the start up of Fall Activities with church and his one man Art Show in October, his new class and oh yeah, a baby on the way! Please pray that I have the discernment to know how to help bear his burdens. Thank you.

We've also been busy taking Senior photo's! It's just starting to turn Fall around here, so what few leaves we have are beginning to change and make for really nice photos. We've got two more Sr.'s photos to do this week and then we are off to get them all edited and distributed...

I have my last dr. appt today, so I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow - if I'm still around here tomorrow! I know there are a lot of guesses for tomorrow - so we'll see who is right!

Well, goodbye for now folks! Hope you enjoyed my weekend as much as I did! :)

Until the next time, enjoying the Fall in the Tundra,



Rhonda said...

OH, Sarah! YOu look so adorable. I hope your last day(s) being preggers is wonderful, dreamy, and full of fun. You will be holding that bebe soon! I can't wait! I know you can't either. WOO HOO!!!!!

Bethers said...

Girl, I love your dress! You look beautiful knocked up. It's totally going to be tomorrow, Greg Martz's birthday.

V Gayle said...

You did look amazing in your dress. I have some of your Va shower photos on facebook...can you take them from there? Don't ask me to burn a CD!!

Hope you are feeling better and are ready for bambino! What are you going to do with two boys!