Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy like a bee.......

It's that time of the year again... What time? you might ask? Time for Sarah to start blogging again? Yeah right! HA! I had such good intentions of creating this amazing blog that people from all over the world were just waiting on pins and needles for the next edition.... But it turns out, I don't exactly think I'm blogging material. First off, you have to do it a little more often. Second, you kinda have to have a purpose. And thirdly, you have to edit your photos BEFORE you post them on your blog for people to actually see stuff. I have been working on lots of projects... for instance: Gabe's nursery. It's finally finished...kind of. But when do I blog - during his nap when I think about going in there to take pictures... Doesn't really work that way. Otherwise, my project include writing a big long list and marking them all off - plus I don't think you want pictures of my mound of laundry - before and after. Or maybe the "before", 15,000 ears of corn that Sam buys because they are on sale and then the "after", it's all chopped off the cob and safely stored away in two cup amounts in the freezer just waiting for Mexicali corn to come into fruition.

One thing I do have a picture of that I've been working on - S2 Photography has been at it again...

Here is a collage of Ali.... Isn't she beautiful?

And here is Erinn!!! She's quite a beauty too! It's not hard to take great pictures of such beautiful girls!

So I'm in the midst of doing some editing for a family and I'll get those up. These two girls are Seniors this year and it's been tons of fun to get pictures done for them. We get to meet with both of them for a few more shots in the coming weeks, which will be great! It's awesome that we have so many people taking chances on us and our emerging photography skills!

One of the great things is that I finally got my Digital Rebel! So I'm very excited to come alongside Sam and really learn from him. With every person or family, we are learning so much more!

On another note, the little Gabe man turned 11 months a couple of days ago - can you believe that???? I can't! I'll have to upload some new pictures of him, the summer has been busy and we've been all over the world between the three of us... So hopefully things will settle into more of a routine... One of my problems is that we are still on the one computer, so whenever Sam is home, he's usually using it for painting and he's got a show coming up pretty soon. He's been painting like a maniac. The other night, he started painting at 10pm and finally finished up around 6am. I know right, crazy!! But that's the time with the least amount of distractions for him. Maybe y'all can pray for us. He still needs some sleep! Thanks.

Well, from my research, this entry is already about 100,000 too many words and waaaaay too little photos. So I'm going to be working on that. Hopefully learning a little more about blogging and getting a little more user friendly sight or at least to LOOK a little nicer! Let me know what kinds of information you'd like me to include and I'll see if I can make it happen!!

Trying to keep up in the Tundra,


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Aleycia said...

Awesome photos! Those girls are beauties :) Can't believe how big Gabe is getting- and how FAST he is! Great to see you today, and great to see that the blog still lives... hehe