Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 10 lessons learned

I check in with THE Pioneer Woman on a fairly regular basis. For the most part, looking to win a giveaway - I threw that in for my husband! It's not really true, ok, maybe a little! Anyway, she just posted today on the top ten things she's learned about blogging. It inspired me to write about the top 10 things I've learned about blogging.

#1 - Seems a lot easier than it really is.

I mean, seriously.

#2 - It's hard to get readers.

I mean, seriously.

#3 - Who really wants to read your ramblings?

I mean, seriously.

#4 - Technology does NOT cooperate with you.

I mean, seriously.

#5 - It's fun!


#6 - Even if no one reads your blog, but yourself, when you pretend to read back over your entry to "check for grammatical errors," all the while really cracking yourself up!!!

#7 - I'm bad about blogging frequently, but I'm trying to organize my photos to get them uploaded along with my post, because seriously, who wants to read without seeing pictures?

I mean, seriously?!

#8 - I've decided I haven't blogged half enough to learn 10 things!

Speaking from the heart, seriously, in the Tundra,



Kory said...

I'm here! I like to read! I love hearing about what is happening back in ND and watching your lovely little one get bigger.

The Perreca Family said...

I'm here, too! I love being able to see a snippet of your life- and your adorable little boy!!

Lori said...

You crack me up!!!