Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just so you know, I made "The Bread" last night. And to tell you the truth, it didn't seem quite so ungodly as I was making it, but then I realized I'd only used half the stick of butter. I worked very hard to find a space for all the butter!!! And somehow I managed to get the whole stick on there! I was a little intimidated by using two sticks of butter last night, so I only made half "The Bread." But I will admit it was GOOD!!!

We got out the other day to get a few more pictures of Erinn. It turned out to be a beautiful day!

I thought I would post a couple of pictures of the family we took photos of a couple weeks ago. These were some of my favorites, not necessarily Sam's. But here you go....

The first set is a combination action shot we took of them on the slide, it was so much fun getting together with these guys to do pictures. Hopefully they loved it as much as we did!

We've got our schedule filling up for more family photos and a couple more seniors. Everyone is trying to squeeze it in before winter - imagine that? I can't imagine why? We are feeling the rush because last Friday, the 17th of SEPTEMBER, yep, it snowed. For like 3 hours straight. I was in complete denial because it just drove me nuts! Sam was out in the Badlands hunting and while it was really cold out there, he got some beautiful pictures....

I can appreciate the picture without remembering that it's still September!!! Anyway, will try to get a good picture of the pond before it freezes over, just for you Aunt Gayle!
And we are coming up on the little man's #1 birthday - so we will try to get some good photos and share his special day with you!
Other than that, stay warm in the rest of the country, enjoy the Fall and we'll keep you posted on what's going on in the Tundra,

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Tamara said...

I can understand about feeling nuts with snow in September. When I lived in Alaska and the first snow would come and as early as August one year, it was just sad to see the green leave. Hopefully the snow will stay away for a while for you. Now staying warm that is not a problem. Summer has arrived back again. It has been in High 90's everyday this week. I think a little cooler temps and fall will be much appreciated. The pictures of your little guy are so cute. I can see lots of you in him but then he has his dad too. I know yall are enjoying him lots.
You take care and I will send up some warm air your way while you can send down some cool air.