Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do you ever feel kind of in a lull?

In the kind of lull where you just don't know what to say. You feel like all you've been doing is talking, talking, talking? Maybe it's because I think too much and it feels like I'm talking all the time - although, knowing me, I've been doing a lot of talking lately! :) In fact, we had a get together at some friend's house the other night and she just so happens to sell Mary Kay makeup and has a "Free - Please take one" Sample basket in her guest bathroom. Well, to tell you the truth, I just can't stay away - it's so much fun to rustle through it and see what kinds of new treats she's got in there. One time, I was over there and going through her basket, when someone knocks on the door and asks if anyone is in the bathroom - I hadn't realized I'd been in there so long! Well, I came out and let's just say, I was way more glamorous than when I went in!!! I had the reddest lips you ever saw! So back to my original story about my talking - I was in the famous bathroom, going through the basket AGAIN, and talking to myself - out loud!!!! Embarrassing, only I didn't know it was embarrassing until I opened the door and Sam was standing there and asked me, "Were you in here talking to yourself?" HA! Caught again!!!! That bathroom will be the death of me! :)

Well, we had a great weekend, as I mentioned earlier - my mind has taken the back seat lately as we've had so much going on and I've been exhausted. I had to go back and take a look at what I'd written YESTERDAY because I couldn't remember! HA - sad, isn't it? Well, this week, Sam is in McLaughlin, SD doing VBS this week. They head down in the mornings and come back in the afternoons. It's usually a good time, even though I have never actually gone because I take enough time off of work during the summer. We have a church that we support down there, it's on a Reservation and the missionaries that work there are good friends of ours and they have an incredible ministry there. It's a hard one though! So if you think about it, pray for our team down there bringing the light of Jesus!

That leaves me with 4 errands to run today before I head home and work on a much needed sewing project. The only problem is that my 4 errands take me North, South, East and West in this town. There is no easy way to get around to them, so I suppose I'll be spending some quality time in the car this afternoon. The nice thing is that this town is so small, it will still only take a couple minutes to get from one to the other! Isn't it funny how our perspective changes? At home, it would take an hour at least to get to the grocery store because of having to travel 30 miles one way to get there. You don't just run over there for milk. Now, I'm so spoiled, that I can be in the middle of a recipe and send Sam to the store and he can be back in less than 10 minutes! Even though it's a small town, it's town and I like living in it!

Well, I guess I don't have many good stories for you - Rhonda, I will try to get some photo's up just for you!!! Let me tell you - photo's of me is NOT one of the highlights of my life, but just for you!!! Because you ask so nicely! :)

Enjoying the 66 degree weather in the Tundra,

Love, Sarah

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Rhonda said...

Hooray!!!!! Thanks, Sarah for thinking about me. I can't wait. I know you are beautiful...as always.