Friday, July 10, 2009

Updates and such!

I just wanted to send an update! My mom talked with her Dr. yesterday and Praise the Lord, they only found cancer in ONE of her lymph nodes! She still has to wait and see what's to happen next as she has an appt. with an oncologist in two weeks. He will discuss with her all the different options for treatment, but also another big praise - she can go to ALASKA on their much needed and already planned birthday cruise! I'm just so excited about that for them! God is good and even though this hasn't really worked out according to OUR plan - Praise Him that we can see HIS HAND in the midst of it walking us through just like He promises in His Word - God is good! Please continue to pray for her and my dad as they continue to have to make decisions throughout this whole process! Thank you!!

Grateful in the Tundra!


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