Friday, July 17, 2009

New Adventures!

Well, for the first time ever, Sam went out Spear fishing last night - "Where in the world can you go spear fishing in the Tundra?" you ask? (I know that's what you were thinking because #1 - sounds crazy to me and #2 - that's what my mom asked when she found out!!! Wherein my dad promptly answered - in his pond! HA!) Anyway, Lake Sakakawea. Get this the spell check came up saying that I spelled that wrong, and maybe I did, but that's seriously how they pronounce it here - and I reckon she was actually from here, so that's her name now, not Sacajawea. That must be the southern version. But for a quick history lesson - her name is properly pronounced Sakakawea. Man, I digress... Anyway, yes, Sam and a friend headed up to the murky lake to do some spear fishing and Sam was very proud that on his first shot, he got a big ole' carp! Now we've just got to get him in the ocean to do some REAL spear fishing!!! :) If you have a bit of time, you should click the link to the Lake, it's really very interesting! You'll be surprised to find such a large body of water in the Tundra! And yes, it does freeze over in the winter and tons of people haul their little shacks up there to ice fish. I know, it's a whole new concept for most of you - but people really do have to get outside in the winter around here - or else they'd be a heck of a lot crazier than they are now! :)

Well, this has been about the most beautiful summer ever! In fact, we are still planting annual pots. I don't exactly know why when Fall is right around the corner. Shhhh, don't tell anyone I said that. I'd probably get tarred and feathered! But all the flower stands went out of business before the 4th and we had a bunch of plants that we'd gotten for a really good deal and they are just sitting around. I'll have to get some pictures of our yard - it's insane how beautiful it is right now. In fact, our neighbor girl came over the other day and asked Sam if he thought he had too many flowers in his yard! HA! Now I ask you - how can anyone have TOO many flowers?? Just because it looks like a rainbow exploded in our yard, I don't really know what she's talking about! Do you remember back in the day when the theologians would have these huge long arguments about how many angels could fit on the head of pin? Well, now they can argue about how many plants the Coleman's can fit into their postage stamp size yard! HA! What can I say, we like variety, and color, and excessiveness....

The painting of our nursery is coming right along. I can't really reach the top, but it's just about done. Now we just need to go around and start collecting furniture. I also have some sewing to do. I just got some material to cover our rocking chair and make a valence for the window - so it's coming together.

Oh, I just remembered, I was going to tell you about Curly and Moe. Well, due to the time lapse, my mushy brain that can't remember details anymore and some other extenuating circumstances, I'm not actually going to go into the details like before - but I did want to make a big announcement - Sam's little brother, Curly - or was it Moe, anyway, we just call him Johnny - asked the love of his life to marry him! That's right - our whittle tiny Johnny is gwowing up! Can you believe that??? I still can't! Haven't even seen him since the big question got popped. I guess they are too busy planning their next July wedding. Let me see if I can rustle up a picture....

Aren't they about the cutest things? Anyway - that gigantic sand castle behind them, that's what Johnny built and Sam helped with in the popping of the big question - isn't that a gigantic sand castle? So we're very excited for them!

In the famous last words....Well, I suppose..... (that means it's time to go.)

Living the dream in the Tundra,


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Kitchen Snitch said...

Dear Sarah, Happy Birthday.
I just looked over my left shoulder and there stands a doe. Don't know why she froze, perhaps it was the ticking of the keys. Wow, 40+ days. Not too long to wait... and a birthday close to my daughter's birthday. I am still feeling fortunate I have birthdays. The doe is eyeballing my garden but changed its mind. Oh what a beautiful morning. There she goes. We are going to the river today. It's been a long cold winter and a long cold spring. So, to celebrate summer we are heading out. I am sorry I am going to miss church however, the highlight of my week. I'm watching you. It will be so cool to see the baby. I helped Claire with a wedding yesterday, she did fine for her first one, but... maybe we can go into the cake and camera business. Are you coming to BAGA's show? on the Capitol Grounds? The next capitol farmers market is Aug. 4th and I promise it will be outdoors. Sue