Monday, July 13, 2009

If I could be so faithful as this in attending the YMCA!

Anyway, that's a side note.... Guess what? I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but.... My dad is a fugitive of the law! Ok, not really, but he did tell me about getting stopped by a cop for the 3rd time in his 67 years of living - did ya hear me??? Is that impressive or what?! I don't really think my mom has actually gotten stopped all that many times either but that's because she's faster than the radars that the cops use! ;) And for the record, my dad didn't get stopped for speeding - it's what you might hear tell of - a California stop; a rolling stop... Yeah, isn't that insane, so he's waiting to call to see how much the ticket it, but overall, he thinks it's going to be no less than $70. Can you believe that??? Sam says it's one more reason not to move to VA! It's true, we'd probably go bankrupt - although Sambo has definitely gotten better with his driving skills. Lots of people may argue with me on that point, but trust me!

In other news, my mom is doing well! She continues to thank the Lord and others for praying for her. She's healing well and trusting the Lord to take care of her. She got word that she is eligible for some testing that will tell whether chemo will even help her, so she's hoping that will come back saying no. I'm getting excited to go and visit and I know that they are getting excited for their trip to Alaska! Wish I could go as well!

We had a few days of McVBS last week - which means, VBS down on the Reservation at McLaughlin. That was really good. I actually took a day off of work to head down there and help, it was a really fun time actually! Then this weekend, Sam had a car wash and a Family Fun Night fundraiser for kids going to Guatemala and it was a blast.

I'm interrupting this newsy post for some thunder! Don't you just love days like this? They make you want to stay in bed a little longer, true, but it's only 57 degrees and rainy. It makes you not feel bad for staying inside and working on some much needed projects, like painting the nursery, because ready or not, your baby is going to come. And it would be helpful to at least have the room painted if nothing else! :)

This week, we are taking it a little easier. Have a meeting tonight - birth class #2, much to Samuel's dismay, tomorrow night and then he heads out on Friday for Minneapolis. I'm not sure whether I am going to go yet. Too much to do here. But it should be a good time. I'm really thankful for this time of rest though. It's much needed!

Well, I should wrap things up!

Enjoying the rain in the Tundra,


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