Saturday, January 30, 2010

I had a catchy title but Sam couldn't remember it for me! :(

Welcome to our Saturday adventure!

Well, last night Sam had an overnight with the Jr. Highers and so today, we took it a little easy... We went ice fishing....

****Caution, lots of videos today******

Isn't that lots of interesting information?

Do you want to know if we caught any fish? Let's ask!


I'm very disappointed at today's post. I had the best of intentions, but after working on it for a VERY long time, frankly, I'm sick of it taking so long, so here's what you get!

Tired in the Tundra,


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Happy Momma said...

Thanks for the compliments Sara!!! Your picture at the top is fabulous!!! And you all look really cold in your videos!!! Too cold for me - - -I saw you were from VA - - -where at? We just moved to VA this past summer, still getting used to it all!
Amy Franklin