Friday, January 29, 2010


I had been uploading one video for approximately 32.16 hours when I decided it was probably futile. So let me try again today! :) (That's what happened to the videos Wes!)

Did it work? Here's another one!

Gabe didn't realize I was video-ing him... Otherwise, I'm sure he would have clammed up! He's good for a no-show when I need him to show off his talents! Anyway, he started getting a little fussy at the end, so I had to stop and rescue him! He likes the swing ok, for about 10 minutes. So you are lucky you got this much! :) Ok, I think the little man if finally falling asleep. I feel bad, he was dragged from hither to yon today and without a decent nap at all. He did get 12 good hours of sleep last night, but that's no excuse, poor little man. Surviving on cat naps alone... Well, I'm being told that there is an error on this page, so we'll see if it posts!!!!

Happy weekend!

Live from the living room, living it up in the Tundra!


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