Friday, January 8, 2010

Updates and such....

Well, last night I went through and emptied my camera to get it all ready to upload a bunch of videos and pictures! Only, I emptied them onto my computer at home and am just lacking a bit of internet service to get them uploaded. So hang in there! I promise to make a regularly returned schedule!

I've got pictures of our new pet - "Rudy!" Have you ever found yourself wondering how ironic it is that your husband should be out hunting pheasants while trying to nurse one back to health in the basement? Kind of strange, isn't it? Well, hold on for pictures!

Did you ever think it was possible that you would get excited for the temp's to reach 0 (as in ZERO)? Yeah, it is crazy cold today! In fact, I got off of work on Tuesday and had a lunch with Johnny and Siri, then went home and never came out of the house until today (Friday) for work - talk about some serious cabin fever! In my former life, Sam and I would have taken these opportunities to go on a drive since everyone else was holed up in their homes - the whole world was ours! But now, not wanting to expose the little Gabe-meister to the Frozen Tundra he was born in, I have joined the masses, holing up in my home! I am grateful for the roof over my head and the heat in my home! :) (And the ever reminder that one of these days, I'll actually have to take down the Christmas tree and other decorations... note the sarcasm!) But for now, we haven't even breeched the conversation of the Christmas take-down. How could you?, when temps are hovering at - (as in MINUS, or NEGATIVE, or BELOW ZERO)30?!

It's warming up! -18 now!!!

Well, I do have to run some errands after work and so I should get some other stuff done. Hang in there and if any of you have recommendations on which internet service to go with, any and all comments would be appreciated!

Freezing my fingers off in the Tundra,


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