Thursday, January 28, 2010

Isn't this is great picture? Our good friends JC and Sue ventured out to the Frozen Tundra to do these family photo's for us. We are so happy with the way they turned out. It was soooo beautiful! For those of you who don't have this phenomenon, when it's foggy here, because it's so cold the fog actually freezes to the trees causing all these tiny little ice crystals everywhere! Usually it's gone by mid morning, but this was about 3pm this particular day. The sun never came out to met the crystals off the trees and it stayed cold! You can see how deep our snow is these days... in the Tundra! :) Let me see if I can find some updated things to post here since it's been awhile... I am ready for Spring, just thought I'd throw that out there! I'm sick of snow and ice and it's only Jan! At least it's the end of the month though. Only 3.5 more months of winter left! :) (Always trying to look for the silver lining!) Grandma Ruth and Gabe Gabe sitting in Aunt Sadie's excersaucer... He's kind of small for it still but he likes it!!! Here are a couple videos for your watching enjoyment! The youth group girls changing Gabe...And one more video of Gabe in the swing just talking away... He didn't know I was there!


Kory said...

The family photos are gorgeous! I have to admit I miss ND in the winter. Winter in TX is just weird. Long winters sure do help you appreciate the glorious summers though.
-Jennifer N

Wes said...

where are the videos?