Thursday, April 23, 2009


I need to make a minor correction - when I do my giveaway, (ie. whenever Sam's art show is over and we have the chance to look through what he has and what he's willing to part with) it is for those of you FAITHFUL readers, not to see who is reading!!! Some of you have been faithful readers over the years of my sporadic blogging without pictures, some of you are new readers and I appreciate all of you! Especially when all I do is share about my life! But I'm going to find some good purpose - a meeting of the master minds? a recipe or two? a craft pattern? (as soon as I can come up with one) ummmm.... a gardening tip? how to survive playing walleyball with the Colemans? what the weather might be like in the Tundra? You never know what kind of useless information you might learn on this blog! If nothing else, it helps me stay connected with the outside world! So it's a big THANK YOU for staying in touch with me, even though it seems I've dropped off the face of the planet! (Even though 50% of you are my good friends enduring Tundra life yourselves! So to you - well, there aren't enough thank you's, you not only have to put up with seeing me all the time, but you ask for more by subscribing to my blog and listening to me all the time! Can't help but say - God Bless Y'all!)

I've learned a thing or two since yesterday.
#1.I need to start proofing my blogs. I get so excited and I write so fast that I make so many typos, it's a wonder you can even decipher what I'm trying to say! So I promise, from this day forward (picture me holding my hand up in the boy scout oath position) to start proof reading my blogs so that you can better understand what's going on in my world instead of being subject to what's going on inside my head. Phew. I did it. That wasn't so hard. Ok, moving on....

#2.It's really hard to build a raised bed for the garden when your wood has warped in ways that are just plain inhuman! But if you set your mind to it, employ your super strong manly husband, ignore his frustrated phrases that you really can't repeat anyway, be super sweet and hold the screw while he drills it in, then you can make it to work! So we cleared out the little bit of debris that didn't get inflamed before the Fire Truck came and put our first raised bed in the garden! It's looking very good. Now just for soil, plants, sunshine, water, TLC and hopefully I'll be blogging about canning veggies before you know it! :) (I'll keep you posted on the progress, we just have about 3000 more raised beds to make!)

#3.Sometimes it's scary playing walleyball when Coleman's are competing against one another. But it really makes you work hard and want to win. Because if you are the missing link on their team and heaven forbid, you loose to the other brother, you may be excommunicated! (I'm not sure about all that, because we won, but it's just a hunch I have!) Otherwise, the 2nd part of this lesson is that Senior Highers have some crazy insane walleyball endurance!

And I think that's about all. So before I quickly hit my "Publish Post" button, allow me a couple minutes to go back through for proof-reading! ;)

Until next time - by the way, it's getting warmer in the Tundra, but I heard a nasty rumor that it was suppose to snow this weekend!!!! :(

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