Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh man.....

How I wish I had some photo's to document this weekend!!!

First off, I went to a Rag Rug class on Saturday with one of my all time favorite people in the whole world - Sue B. B.!!!! It was great fun! Hopefully I'll be finding all kinds of old material and whipping out rugs as fast as SueB - (even though I seriously doubt it! :) But it was fun!

Then I came home to the 2 stooges! The third one must have taken a vacation, because sure enough, there they were - Larry and Curly - right there in my yard! Some people don't know them as Larry and Curly, they think their names are Sam and Johnny, so for the sake of those people, I'll use their alias' - Sam and Johnny!!!

Well, as many of you Sam has been completely obsessed with his pond and it looks like it's really working it's way out this spring! He's got his hole dug and everything is in order. We are just getting prepared for the liner, when it comes in... But here's the kicker - we're ALWAYS on a budget when it comes to projects like these and you know that most ponds look so nice and natural with rocks and where in the world do you get the rocks???? Well, you collect them from wherever you are! That's where!!! And if by chance, you are not out and about and you happen to have a retaining wall to keep your yard from falling into the street and it's full of rocks, why that is such a great place to start!!! I have been telling Sam to find rocks elsewhere because frankly, I don't want our yard to fall into the street. I'm rather fond of the 10 feet of yard we possess! He thinks we can spare a few! Well, the funniest thing is that last year he a rock,among our myriad of other rocks that was so beautiful that he just had to put it in our garden. Only there was no humanly way to get this gigantic rock up the 3000 stairs to our front yard, so what did my creative husband do? Well, he fetched our little red wagon took it down there and heaved this gigantic stone into it and walked it around the block and up to our driveway, down four steps and wall-ah! it was there!!!! Can you imagine seeing a grown man pulling a gigantic rock in a little red wagon down the street - seriously - if that doesn't have you on the floor laughing, you are just sad!!! So anyway, now he brings his brother Curly, ahem, ummm I mean Johnny into the picture! He so politely asks him to go down and help him bring some rocks up! Well, these rocks are just so big and heavy, watching the two of them carry them up the stairs was going to provide enough entertainment for the week for me, let me tell you! So I was front and center! Here they were, climbing all over the retaining wall, looking for the prettiest rocks to move up to our pond! There were rock slides, side splitting groans, "no, not that one, THAT one!", you can only imagine. Now they have a collection of about 5 rocks sitting down below on the sidewalk! Now's when the fun really begins! How the heck are they going to get them up the stairs! (here is where I insert story about Sam pulling his little red wagon up the road - wherein Johnny laughs so hysterically, I think he is going to fall of the retaining wall!) So Sam looks at the both of us and exasperatedly tells Johnny to go get the van! Ummm....So....Sam has upgraded his little red wagon to a bright green MANVAN! Go honey! Well, Johnny brings it down and opens the hatch, where, together, they lift these rocks into the back of the van! Needless to say, the van sits about 3 feet lower and Sam sees that he's still got tons of room in the back of the van, so he continues picking out rocks. When he's satisfied and sees he can't fit the last one in there, he tells Johnny they'll just have to come back for the last one. Oh man, I just wish y'all could have been there! It was the funniest thing! So Sam jumps in the van, with the hatch still up to drive up the road with his load of rocks... This is when I can't help it - a picture pops into my head from out of no where - What if Sam starts up the hill and the rocks start rolling out the back of the van all the way down the road - by this time, I'm laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants just at the thought - and it was too good not to share, so I told Johnny and the two of us were laughing so hard at the thought of Sam chasing his rocks down the road, yelling, Stop that rock!!! Oh my goodness, just writing it down makes my sides start aching again! Well, for as much fun as that would have been, Johnny took pity on his poor brother Sam and jumped into the back of the van to make sure none rolled out! I could keep going on and on, but for #1, I need to go and for #2, I don't think you could handle it!!!! One day, I will take pictures of my life and you'll realize I'm NOT making all this up, it really is how I live!!!

Until another side splitting day from the Tundra,

Love, Sarah

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Lori said...

So very funny!!! Love it.