Monday, April 27, 2009

Good Monday Morning!

Well, hello there! How are y'all this fine sunhsiney Monday?

Well, partially sunshiney anyway. Turns out I survived the snow. I know, I didn't really believe that I would, but I did.

Anyway, I've been swamped today - nothing to exciting this weekend. Sam spent all of Saturday getting the waterfall doing the right thing into the pond. Judah had the Jr./Sr. for Shiloh on Saturday night and so we went and took some pictures there.

On Sunday, Sam did have the Quick Draw where he started and completed a picture in an hour. It turned out great! He also ended up getting People's Choice on "The Crossing" which was a nice award. He got several awards actually on that particular piece. I was surprised that only one of his paintings sold besides the Quick Draw, it was the Crocus. And a good friend of ours bought it. So that's really nice.

Anyway, I have 28 minutes to get a whole lot more work done!

Until next time!

From the Tundra.....

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Kitchen Snitch said...

If I had seen the crocus first, it would have been mine, all mine... did you see the poor little crocus with the snow in his arms....