Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Got so much to say, I guess!!!

Well, yesterday wasn't quite as productive as the day before, but today, I'm hoping to get a start on our raised beds, we'll see if that actually happens. Wednesdays are kind of tough that way!

Anyway, yesterday, finally got home and got some lunch fixed, it was such a beautiful day, we had about 7 of our girls from Rock Solid (Sr. High Ministry) playing tennis yesterday, so we headed off to watch a bit of that! It was great! They did a terrific job! Then Sam had a meeting at a Bed and Breakfast with his ACC committee... I didn't think I should go and crash their meeting, but I've always had my eye on this house and was just plain dying to get inside to see what it was all about! So I went and got a tour and everything. What a terrific house, it just set my mind to thinking about all kinds of things! Decorating, hospitality, cooking, art, so many things... I just sat their day dreaming! Then we headed off to dinner with the in-laws. Gotta check up on those boys, you know! Whew.... Still going.

Got home a little after 9pm (finally dark) and Sam decided he needed to plant a couple things. And the neighbor (5th grader) decided she needed to come over and start her school project! I don't know if I already posted this, but we told her about a month ago, we'd help her with it and the deadline is fast approaching, so I told her to bring everything over! So I took Morgan inside while Sam was finishing up planting a couple more things - side note - this is so funny! My OBSESSED husband said "I think I need to plant a little everyday so I don't get sick of it!" HA!!! He can spend 64.2 hours a day outside planting and never get sick of it - so I think he was trying to make up some sort of excuse to be outside planting in the dark because he spend all day inside painting! Just for your information, he doesn't need to come up with any kind of excuse as far as I'm concerned! Ok, back to the project - here's the directions I look at (mind you, it's 9pm):
Mix 2 cups of flour
2 cups of salt
and enough water to make it dough like consistency
Then: bake at 150 degrees (my oven only goes down to 200) for 2 hours! (emphasis added) (Did you remember I said it was 9pm?)

Anyway, then you paint it with poster paints and add all the extras. Here's the kicker - Morgan ended up with the state of Rhode Island! That's right, that means, we had to mold it into the shape of Rhode Island, which, by the way, we learned is mostly made up of the ocean! Go figure! So by the time we got the dough all mixed up and Sam finally came in, I had him put his artistic talents to use and draw the itty bitty state of Rhode Island, it was time to mold it into the shape and pop it into the oven - it was 10pm! Rhode Island is not only the smallest state but because it's made up of tons of water, we had a lot of dough left over, so we shaped the rest into the state bird (Rhode Island Red - Chicken), the state flower (a violet) and the state tree (an oak leaf)! Morgan was all very excited about her project and the direction it was going and I just kept an eye on the clock wondering when I might get to bed! Anyway, we popped it into the oven, got the timer set, Morgan went home, and Sam and I got ready for bed! By then it was about 11 and I started doing some reading for about a half hour, and Sam decided the thing had baked long enough and turned off the stove. Well about half an hour later, Sam gets up and decided he hadn't painted long enough today and would get some painting done! I was like, "Um hmm, snore, sounds good, hmmm, make, snore, you come back to, snore, bed soon! I love, snore, you....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................... " Well, I guess he painted till 2am and boy oh boy did I wake up to the most beautiful crocus' looking at me! What a great painting! It's just a little one, but oh so cute - precious even (in a good way, that is!)

Well, I've just realized that I have gone on and on and on far longer than you #1-had time for, and #2-even care! So until next time!!!!

From the Tundra,


PS. I'm thinking about doing a give away for some of Sam's art, just to see how many faithful readers we have out there, so keep posted! I might just get discouraged and give up blogging altogether, thinking no one cares - but I have too much to say, even if it's not all that important, so you probably won't get that lucky!!! :)


Nicole said...

1) This blog post was funny. Like "ha-ha" funny.

2)I would read your blog even if there wasn't free art involved.

3) I'm wondering how Sam could possibly plant for 64.2 hours a day.

Aleycia said...

Funny! Glad you got the project done! Way to add the state chicken... I mean bird! That must count for extra credit! Can't wait to see the flower beds :)

Lori said...

don't get discouraged. You need to keep it up for your children. Oh the stories they will read!

Anonymous said...

I read it. I love it. Keep writing. Put my name in the hat. Sam's the only real artist I know and I need a piece of real art.

Anonymous said...

that was me, B Martz

Beth said...

Hey...just thought I would take this opportunity to say I read your blog too! :) So keep it up.

V Gayle said...

Hey Sarah,

I have always wanted to know the day in the life of Sarah and this is sure a great way to get that. Now I need to get back to the garage. My third day working on it (I did enough Monday night to get my new car in, the 2nd night both cars were squeezed in, yesterday was a major blow out and just Jim's car was we took a load to the dump, now he is playing golf and I am making a second load but both cars should fit in easily! I need a vacation! Would love to see those raised beds--we had two in Illinois and they are great! Love you guys--all three of you :)

Auntie G