Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess what....

You can't burn anything uncovered within city limits in the town of Mandan.

Ask me how I know that. Had a little visit from the Fire Dept. yesterday! We were "clearing" out our garden to prepare for our new raised bed!! We had attracted about 5 neighbor kids that were roasting mini marshmallows on tiny sticks. Next thing I knew, one came running - "The fire truck is coming! The fire truck is coming!" The five kids all took off running in different directions - I mean disappeared - boom - just like that! They told us we can't burn in city limits without it being covered and they had to watch us put it out. Which we did. Thankfully we got most of it done. This is the third year we've done that. This is the first time we've had a visit from the Fire Dept.

But....it's time to start building our raised beds!!! I'm so excited, I planned out where we're going to put them. Last night I made a layout to size on graph paper - it was great fun! Moving all the little beds around, working them between apple trees and plum trees... Thinking about digging up our strawberries and rhubarb and re-planting them in our raised beds. This weekend I started 6 different kinds of herb seedlings. I'm hoping they grow and we'll have much fresh herbs!!! I can't wait to start cooking with fresh herbs! I'M SO EXCITED FOR THE SPRING!!!!!

O Happy Day!

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