Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh.....what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day!

(It's not really, but I keep telling myself!!! I'm trying to learn to be more optimistic like my adorable-little-crazy-man-husband!)

So. I got to meet Dr. Jan Bury yesterday. And boy oh boy is she a little ray of sunshine! Everything went well - we're at 152 beats a minute for the little monkey! While she was trying to get the heartbeat, she'd zero in on it for a few seconds and if that little monkey didn't squirt over somewhere else! He/She was all over the place. That confirmed my fears that this little one is going to take after his/her father! Oh well, what did I expect! :) the old broadway, Oklahoma, says, "Spring is busting out all over!" I'd have to agree - I AM TOO! Focus on the all over part! No cute little basketball belly for me! Oh well, I didn't really expect that would happen for me anyway! So, since I am new to the whole pregnancy realm, I was wondering if I might solicit the advice of some of you veterans out there!

Tell me what are some of the "must have's" that you just couldn't live without! Also, any great ideas on maternity wear! Definitely liking the idea of summer dresses, but open to suggestions!!!

Well, tonight is the last night of Confirmation for the year! We've survived!! I just can't believe it! Well, it's not too difficult for me to say that since I've been in a Bible Study for the duration. But good for Sam, we are finishing up the year with a gigantic tie-dying evening! I'm pretty excited because a good friend of mine, Tiffany, gave me some white onsies and I can't wait to get them all dyed up!!! We are going to have one styling baby!!!! :) Anyway, I love all that color. Poor Sam usually tries so hard to get his so perfect and I'm just throwing color all over the place! And they turn out great! The key is LOTS OF COLOR!!!

So that's about all - we've got a new pond pump on order now! Sam said we were just going to have a dry waterfall bed for a while, but he ordered a new pump the very next day! hehehe! We did find the jack pot of all rock piles yesterday! And so hopefully pictures to come of the new pond! As soon as more greenery pops out, people tell me that with all this moisture, as soon as the sun comes out, we'll be in full bloom, but shhhhh.... don't tell anyone I said this, but shhhh, come closer, I don't want to have to shout it - I don't think the sun is ever going to come back out. Phew... I said it, that takes a load off, I feel so much better! Anyway, you can pray about that!

Alrighty then, from the overcast Tundra,
over and out - Sarah

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You are too funny!