Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family, Friends and Fires....

Good Morning all! Just wanted to give you a quick update!

My mom visited with her Oncologist yesterday and basically she has an MRI and Genetic Testing on Friday. Depending on those results, we'll know better where we stand.

1. If there is no cancer, there will be a lumpectomy and 6 weeks of radiation to follow.

2. If there is cancer in the breast, not the lymphnodes, there will be a mastectomy with nothing but recovery to follow...

That's about all we know for now. It will take 2 weeks to get the Genetic Testing results back, so if there is no cancer, it will still take a couple weeks to get going, because depending on those results, Mom could be eligible for a partial radiation instead of full radiation to the breast... Which would be nice.

If you could continue to pray for -
1. The Lord's peace
2. My mom's decision
3. The Dr.s wisdom

That would be great!

Other than that - we had a bonfire/camp out at the River last night with a bunch of kids. The only bad thing is that #1 - there was a freeze warning for last night. But I don't think it froze. I'm sure they were just fine. And #2 - there was this gigantic dead deer laying by the water - and if you can imagine the worst smell in your life and multiply it by about 10x - you might have started to crack the case on just how bad this smelled! And the wind was in the wrong direction! So Sam and one other kid grabbed the deer by the feet to chuck it into the water - and while I'm on the subject, why is it that dogs feel the need to roll in dead stuff? Sometimes Tonto can find some pretty rank stuff, but this was OVER THE TOP! Anyway, I wish I could bottle up the smell and let you sniff it, because, I've never, in my whole entire life, smelled something so bad! Lucky them for getting to camp there over night. Not me brother! I was at home, had a nice warm shower, snuggled into my nice warm bed and slept like a baby! I haven't talked to Sam since 10:30 last night, so I have no idea how everything worked out, but I do know that it's a beautiful morning today - I'm sure they had fun!

Well, off to work I go, hi ho, hi ho!

It's a beautiful day in the Tundra!


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